This Amazing Machine Can Create Anything From Shredded Scraps

As of today the 3D printing revolution is over. Who wants to wait hours for a machine that painstakingly draws a plastic trinket layer-by-layer when the Muffin Monster can create everything from shipping pallets, to shoes, to full-on couches in mere seconds?

It even comes with a bonus reverse function that can turn unwanted items into a shredded pile of raw materials for creating anything you want. It's like the replicators from Star Trek, but here and now, and with an awesome 1980s soundtrack. [YouTube via LaughingSquid]


    Oh gosh, what did you just make me watch Andrew!?

    This thing is just destroying... in reverse

    Still cool to watch though

    Agreed, I can never get that 1 minute and 6 seconds back. Why I watched it for that long I am unsure....I definitely hope no one goes the full five minutes.

    You're a crackhead Andrew

    This is obviously before OH&S laws were introduced.

    Imagine if you played this in reverse! It'd be an amazing machine that could shred anything. Including rubber tennis balls and Carpets. What a crazy world it would be.

    3 things to watch in reverse, resulting in mind = blown;
    1. A person eating a hotdog.
    2. Someone projectile vomiting.
    3. A dog crapping.


    A porno backwards starts with a bloke vacuuming "something" off a woman's face and ends with ze pool cleaner placing leaves on water with a net.

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