This 9-in-1 Emergency Multitool Is Completely Out Of Hand

Multitools pack everything you need into a small, convenient device. Sometimes they can go a little overboard — but this thing takes it to a whole new level.

The 9-in-1 Emergency Light stores a knife, scissors, Phillips-head screwdriver, bottle opener, carabiner and a hammer into the base of a torch/lantern that also has a blinking red flasher mode. Whoa, mouthful.

Some multitools have much larger arsenals, sure. But this one's particular mix looks questionable — how impossibly difficult would it be to use a knife with a gigantic handle like that? There can't be a single way that allows you to make accurate and precise cuts.

Regardless, opening a buddy's beer with your apocalyptic multitool could at least make for good party conversation. In fact, how about just a nice torch on one end paired with a beautifully designed bottle opener? Aha!

[via 7gadgets]



    I don't know - If I was stuck in a car crash at night and needed to cut a seatbelt, smash a window and signal for help, I could do a lot worse than having one of these close at hand.

      And with the handy bottle opener you could crack open another coldie and increase your already over the limit blood alcohol level whilst you wait for emergency services to arrive.

        Gotta stay warm somehow, might as well be whiskey.

    Bottle opener in europe = essential to pop open emergency water that's been crown capped!

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