The Worst Damage From Hurricane Sandy

The Worst Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is well on its way to Class 5 Killstorm status. Expected to cause upwards of $US20 billion in damages, this super-storm is already wrecking shop along the US eastern seaboard. Here is some of the worst damage sustained so far in the mid-Atlantic states.

Blown out facade on 29th St in LIC Image: @JetSetCD/Instagram

Image: xvoltaiccrusherx/Tumblr

This used to be a shed. Image: ashtophet/Tumblr

A snapped crane along 157th Street in NYC

Somewhere a village is missing its trampoline. Image: @Nat_Herz/Instagram

Rock Creek in DC has become a white water rapid. Image: @SegravesWTOP/Instagram

The FDR North underwater Image: @Carashells/Instagram

The Byram River in Port Chester is flooding. Image: @LeahRaeNY/Instagram

Ocean City, NJ, underwater. Image: @kenshane/Twitpic

NYC Dept of Sanitation salt storage building is already immersed. Image: @MegRobertson/Instagram

“We’ve already got flooding in #Scituate” Image: @JLoncich/Instagram

“Water is over the wall on 34th and FDR” Image: @MariaPiccolino/Instagram

A tree just ruined this guy’s week. Image: @abustama1/Instagram

This suburban street now classifies as a river. Image: juustg0withit/Tumblr

Image: thestormseye/Instagram

Image: whatsbeautifulnow/Tumblr

Image: nbclatenught/Tumblr

Image: missmason/Tumblr

Fallen top of tree in Gramercy Park. Image: kodakmementos/Tumblr

Image: kiwiboobsr2spooky4u/Tumblr