The Space Jump Man's Balloon Compared To The Statue Of Liberty

The Red Bull Stratos mission control has announced that, after the Tuesday's aborted supersonic space jump, the next launch is scheduled to Sunday, October 14 at 8:30am EDT. We will cover the Roswell event live. In the meantime, I made this simulation showing how big the Red Bull Stratos balloon is compared to the Statue of Liberty.

Yes, it's impressive. After all, it is the biggest balloon ever made: 102.05 metres tall! That's as much as a 55-storey high building and taller than the Statue of Liberty, which is 92.9 metres including the base and the pedestal.

The Stratos balloon can hold 843,497 cubic meters of helium gas.

Compare that to Kittinger's Excelsior III balloon, the one used in the current world record: 56 meters tall and a capacity of 84,950 cubic meters.

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    Seems like a waste of helium, unless to come back down to earth they re-compress it.

    Helium is a gas that we lose to space forever once it's released and the only wat to get it is from the decay of radioactive materials and it's release from ancient rocks in the earths' crust

      they get the capsule and balloon back to earth with a rip cord that opens the balloon and releases the helium

      wouldn't you say it's worth finding out what happens to a vehicleless human travelling at the speed of sound?

      So the millions of helium balloons that exist at kids birthday parties aren't a waste?

    What happens to the balloon and platform after he jumps ?

      Why am I forever waiting on moderation?

    In fact I recall reading somewhere that the US (who owns the majority of available helium gas in the world) is contracted to sell off all their helium reserves by 2025. Don't take this as a fact mind you, only from memory, might even have read it on here. If anyone could clarify that would be super wicked awesome!

    The picture caption states the balloon volume at 84,950 cubic metres, the article states 843,497 cubic metres. Check your facts guys, it doesn't need 100 times the volume to lift Herr Baumgartner or he should perhaps drink more Red Bull.

    The balloon has to expand very dramatically as it rises due to such low air pressure as it rises. It will be only filled with a fraction of its volume at sea level.

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