The More I Look At It, The More I Want A Colour iPad Mini

I like both the black iPad Mini and the 2001: A Space Odyssey prop white model. But the more I look at the coloured ones, like the neat red one above, the more I think they make sense.

It's purely speculative at this point, but there are several reasons why colour iPad Minis could be a reality.

(Brightly) coloured hardware has been an Apple feature since the time of the egg-shaped iMac. After the bondi blue original, Apple released multicolored iMacs in a move that stunned the all-beige industry at the time. It may sound stupid now, but this was a major manufacturing challenge — in terms of materials engineering, planning and stocking. People were going to like some colours more than others, which introduced a variable that nobody had ever tackled in the computer industry.

Following an introductory ad that used the Rolling Stones' Like a Rainbow, the coloured iMacs became a complete success. Apple kept iterating them until the all-white sunflower iMac — with its LCD screen — was released.

After the iMac success, the colour trickled down to other Apple products. The iPod minis and nanos came in colours too, and that's the point in which gadgets start becoming fashion accessories. People loved them, and Apple sold a billion tons of them through the years.

But the more expensive hard-drive iPod models kept being white, with the exception of the black and red U2 iPod. It felt as if Apple was trying to differentiate the more expensive models from the cheaper "fun" ones. Or perhaps it was just a way to simplify things in the products that cost the most to produce.

The iPad Mini may be another case for product differentiation. Since it's going to be significantly cheaper, Apple may want to draw a line between the black or white large iPads and the Minis.

And, on top of that, colour would also make the iPad mini completely different from the Android 7-inch tablets from the start. It may sound frivolous, but when the Christmas shopping season comes, colour could be a definitive winning factor. It has worked beautifully for them in the past.

But then again, perhaps it may not happen in the first generation of the iPad Mini. Maybe Apple's saving it for the second version. After all, colour only came to the iPod touch in this generation, not the first one. And we haven't seen any leaked colour components, only black and white, so it's most probably not going to happen.

Still, it kind of makes sense. iPhone and 10-inch iPad could be the serious, more expensive products, while the iPod touch and iPad mini become the fun, cheaper ones all in colour. That would be really nice.

Images: Martin Hajek.



    Seriously... The colour of the device is that important? Sheeesh... I must be getting old.!

    Colorware to go bankrupt.........

    Good on You Jesus! Nowadays the only way people get excited about anything is if your device can take you to the moon or cook a 5 course dinner for you. It is nice to see someone enjoying the simple things in life like colour!

    It looks just like a normal white iPad but with a cover. You can do that now

    If there is a Tiffany Blue one on it's way i'll queue up for it as my missus will do ANYTHING for that colour ... especially to own mini iPad - then i can get to use my ipad again !

    My wife pissed herself when she seen the ipod touches in different colours and with a white front and she ordered two for the kids. I am sure there would be lots of people also excited about the colours.

    No wonder they continue to spit out the same product with a new number when people like you will continue to buy it anyway because it looks pretty

      Ifan's are dense. They would rather a pretty colour than decent hardware

        So are you saying Nokia Lumia fans are dense. My wife wanted ipod touches for the kids but I told her to wait as there would be a refresh. Refresh came and in more colours than just black or white so she was excited. Not buying it because of the colour, but it does give a little variety to a device that was only previously available in black or white only. The colours of the Lumia range make the device look fresh and exciting. If this was not an Apple article you would be commenting about how amazing the colours are. I really don't care about Microsoft, Google and Apple. We have iOS devices in our family because the work for us. Have tried all of the ecosystems and have been through many devices but Apples ecosystem works for us.

    OMG its got the apple logo and it looks great and I love apple and everyone is waiting for it so it must be good and it's got safe internet and I don't like the internet but it has apple internet and I love it I just want it so bad!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one of every colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love apple pads and apple 5's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This is what I am guessing, based on funny youtube videos of people waiting in line for the new iPhone 5 literally said. I think colors are nice, but this article is stupid, should look long and hard at new windows phones, they have colors, does that mean you will want one too?)

    Colour for Apple? Surely not. That's Win8 territory.

    "The More I Look At It, The More I Want A Colour iPad Mini "
    Dude. Stop looking at it then.
    Look at something that isn't just another apple promise of fun and goodness that's about to be broken and learn how to airbrush or something.

    It's still going to have a 6year old unchanged operating system on it... Lame

    has anyone thought that it's not a mini iPad, but an XL ipod touch???
    i mean........whats the difference?

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