The Lowly Button Gets A Brilliant Upgrade

There should be a special Nobel Prize set aside for geniuses who find ways to improve the simplest things in life. And this year's award would go to Shapeways user OliveBird, whose Button 2.0 turns any shirt into a convenient headphone wrangler.

It's not to say that the traditional button design isn't useful. It's just that with the addition of a subtle clamp on one edge for holding headphone cables no thicker than 2mm, the Button 2.0 is approximately a thousand times more useful. And this isn't some design student's thesis on how to make the world better. It's an actual product you can order from Shapeways in different colours ranging in price from $US3 to $US4. Expensive for a button? Yes. But this is the bleeding edge of shirt fastening/cable wrangling technology.

[Shapeways via Notcot]



    Price is way too much, but it could be very handy (possibly more so for lapel microphones than headphones).

      $3 for the button isn't bad (3D printing isn't cheap), but $6.50 for shipping a button is what kept me away.

    You have to admire it for it's simplicity. If I wore more button up shirts it'd be very, very handy on commutes.

    I should have thought about this first. Damn!

    yet another reason for me to get a 3d printer.

    The fact you'd have to sew one of these on every shirt, instead of just using the old "undo button, place cord behind button hole, redo button" method makes this a lot of work for limited reward.

    You'd also have a weirdly mismatched button on every shirt, unless you did the whole lot, which would be about $20USD a shirt.

      Great idea.
      Once 3D printers take off, everybody will just make their own one of these.

    I don't think we would be the intended market here. I think this product is probably aimed at clothing manufacturers and sold in bulk. Great, simple idea though.

    I hope they have patented the idea, so then they can sue Apple when the release the iShirt with iButtons

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