The Best Damn Video Game Trailer I've Seen This Week

Trailers are often criticised these days for showing little, or even no gameplay footage. It's a fair complaint, but also one that should be shelved, at least temporarily, for this clip.

Sure, it's a trailer for the upcoming Need For Speed: Most Wanted, but it's also a Freddie Wong video, and one which should be watched even if you've never played, or enjoyed, a Need for Speed game in your life.

Why? Because remote control police car chase, that's why.

The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever [Freddie Wong]

Originally appeared on Kotaku Australia



    Heeeeeeey... That's not the Black Ops 2 trailer...

    I've seen one of the trailers before, and it wrecks the original game, it absolutely kills it.

    Totally awesome. Well done Freddy you made my day.

    It'll still be total shit though, the nfs games fail at car handling. The New forza looks far better.

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