The Apple Vs Android Fanboy Wars

Here's a brief note intended for the minority commenters who make things nasty. As a community, let's start smiling again on Gizmodo Australia. Let's improve the tone. The war doesn't make any sense. This whole fanboys vs fandroids thing, the iPhone vs Galaxy, the iPad vs Kindle Fire...They're just machines at the end of the day.

So lets stop "defending" our choice of gadgetry like insecure cheerleaders. It's absurd compared to, you know know, real life. If you have to justify your choice, please think twice before insulting one another.

Let's just pick whatever we like best and stop trying to convince everyone that you made the right decision and that they are wrong. They are not an idiot. They just have a different opinion.

And that's not a bad thing.


    Hmm... Sounds like a nokia user wrote this article

      Symbian till we die!!!

        Symbian is great it functions just like android only its efficient and doesn't have Google spy ware. (N9 fanboy but i love my N8)

    Can the editors do the same too?

      We do our best. But there's always the odd loco editor ;)

        we all know who we're talking about here... ;)

      Zing. I agree. Make inflammatory posts, get inflammatory comments.

    Well if the fruit heads were to wake up to themselves, especially after all the iPhone 5 bugger ups, I guess there really wouldn't be a problem would there?

      And BAM, let it all start again

      What 'bugger ups' are you actually referring to? How much first hand experience have you had with the device?

    Too bad people need reassurance about the product they buy. If something comes along and it is better, they need to put it down because they will feel bad for buying second best... When its all said. There will always be trolls to start a fire :)

    After reading the "5 Things That Could Sink Windows 8" and every other Android/Windows bashing article in the past year ... I think you just want people to stop slamming Apple personally.

      Even though the 5 Things Windows 8 story was produced by Laptop magazine originaly not Giz, and even though Giz as a site has also said many positive things about Windows 8 (because the site has many authors who also don't always agree), that's OK if you feel that way.

      All I ask is that we, as a community, articulate our disagreements respectfully, as you have.

        I just sent you a mental hug.
        I was getting very sick of reading comments.

        It's not valid just to say that somebody else wrote that windows 8 article, Giz made the decision to republish it.

          It's valid when we're being accused of bias. We run dissenting opinions pro and against all manner of things, from a number of people and sites, because that's the right thing to do and goes some way to attempting balance.

    This is a good thing to hear if it sticks. I was truly beginning to move away from reading Gizmodo and comments as what seemed like opinion was actually becoming more and more like online bullying. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without being targeted and harassed. It starts with the editors and filters down so its great to see the editors taking the first step towards a healthy online discussion about tech. To be passionate does not have to be about demeaning others rather more about healthy and creative expression...

    So you want people to stop arguing on the internet?

    Good luck with that

      No mr1jz, just to stop people being needlessly douchey in comments. There's nothing wrong with arguments, but when it comes down to dumb bullshit.. nah.

        "please think twice before insulting one another."

        I see you've done a lot of the latter :P

    This article is incorrect, who cares about Android and Apple. Windows FTW! ;)
    errrrrrm. sorry hehe

    Bahaha. Love that GIF. It's such an accurate portrayal of the situation.
    People really need to get over themselves. Unfortunately way to many people base their self worth on the things that they own and they have to convince people why their choice was the better one and therefore why they are better.
    But given how society as a whole pushes people towards obsessive over-consumption it's not that surprising that you have situations like these. Corporations pray for this kind of rivalry as it sees people continually wanting to buy the latest thing so once more they can be the best.
    It remind's me of that bit in the Simpsons where the marketing people are going on about how much money a riot at the opening day will equate too.
    I love the thought behind this post Gizmodo AU team but I unfortunately don't see the situation changing any time soon.

      I completely disagree, that GIF is obviously pro-Apple! The Apple symbol is displayed for 2/3rds of the time while Android only for 1/3rd. Moreover, Bugs is displayed as the Apple fanboy while Daffy is the Android fanboy, and EVERYONE know this skit ends with Daffy being shot in the head (repeatedly, and with beak facing backwards) and Bugs ever victorious.

      But the biggest nail in the coffin is the red shrubbery in the background. Why red? Who ever heard of a red bushes? Aren't bushes usually green? This is obviously an homage to communism (a.k.a. Apple), as opposed to the free market ecosystem that Android embodies.

      Oh this article is very welcoming to all points of view on the surface of it, but look a little closer and you'll see it for what it really is - a sinister government sponsored cover up!

      (I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm obviously not serious here - don't feed this troll)

        Now that you point it out it's all so obvious! :P
        I was actually hoping to see the Microsoft logo at the end and both Daffy and Bugs go hunting Elmer (i.e. Microsoft). ;)

        Besides, Bugs is so much cooler than Daffy, who is just plain, well, daffy.

        "points of view on the surface of it"
        "surface of it"

        oh my god Microsoft bias!!! :P

        (haha great stuff Tony)

    I have never understood why people insist on trying to defend the brand that they choose to use.
    Do they get dividends on shares? Discounts on their purchases?
    If not, why the heck go into verbal or written battle on behalf of a company that doesn't even know you exist.

    Besides, it's duck season.
    Rabbit season?
    I prefer Elmer Fudd anyway.

      I can't remember saying in the 80s and 90s "my Sanyo tv is way better than your Phillips"

      Last edited 23/10/12 4:31 pm

    This kind of brand rivalry has been going on for decades.. it's not unique to Apple and Android and it's not going to stop any time soon. :) It used to be Apple vs PC.. then PC vs Amiga in my day.. but I'm sure that the Ford vs Holden rilvary has been going on a lot longer.

    While you seem to think this is only in existence "here" or in the digital space, it's a human condition (tradition?) that's been probably going on for centuries if not millenia :)

      If you know the story of the two brothers who started Adidas and Puma in Germany, that divided a whole town.

      Think of Ford vs Holden. This has resulted in many fist fights and what a crock,of shit it is!

    Hah! Try passing this post onto Giz US.
    I can just see Jesus Diaz, in a mouth-frothing fury posting a rant about how wrong the Giz AU editors are wrong, and how of course Apple is the only choice.
    But hear hear, good decision!

      I like you.

    Please yes. I've been around Gizmodo for at least 3 years now (almost daily) and I've found it becoming more and more unbearable to bother reading the comments section on any article.

      Agreed. I stopped reading them until todays post.

        But... but that doesn't make any sense - because how could you have read Joel's comment...
        Unless that's what you intended, so I say well played to you good sir! :)

    Just gotta say that's a great gif. The lip syncing almost works too!

    Don't let the lawyers hear that you want to call a cease fire.

    The point is that you should be able to say whats good about your product to make someone more informed but not to the point of attacking people for there decision. e.g I have had a apple phone and I didn't like it and when it came around for my parents to get a new phone they listened to what i said and then bought what they want. Dad got an android and Mum got an iPhone. Neither are right or wrong choices, just more suitable to the user.

    I'm stealing the gif. I'm happy to accept iOS users, if you use an iPhone that's fine by me. So long as you stop acting like the iPhone is your God or cult leader and also stop putting down the android OS.

      Actually, seriously I read the iPhone stories and the android stories and the android stories never seem to have Apple fan bois posting comments. The iPhone stories on the other hand are full of android fan bois posting. I just think, hey move on if this is not a story that interests you.

        This. Only android fanboys seem to feel the need to post in apple topics. The apple ones are actually the ones who don't seem to care. Irony at its best.

        It goes both ways. I only buy what I believe is the best technology at the time. It could also be that most tech people have androids or Windows phones which make up that crowd.. Mainstream people like hipsters and creative people don't come to gizmodo...they are usually on

    "fanboys vs fandroids"

    If your gonna use fandroid shouldn't you be fair and say "fapples vs fandroids" (spoken as a iPhone 4 toting, SGS3 envying, Windows Phone 8 want to lover).

    I'm all for putting a stop to dissing the competition and their users (except for blankberry and simian, diss them all you want)

    Is this like when Gizmodo writer Alyssa Bereznak insulted a poor guy she dated in front of the whole world in an article she wrote about him? Insults like that?

      If you were following along, you'll remember that Elly, our night editor (and resident awesome Aussie gal) wrote a dedicated post pointing out what a troll Alyssa was.

    Thanks for the reminder, eds.

    I'd suggest we all need to be a bit more aware of how our emotions are being manipulated by some very sophisticated marketing. This is done by corporations who are trying to get you to give them large amounts of money on a regular basis. They're not trying to make the best product ever - they're trying to make you buy their product by making you think that. Fanboy arguments are really playing their game for them, by letting them convert your wants (I want smartphone X, but first let's think about why and how it will help me) into needs (I cannot live without smartphone X, and anyone that disagrees is ruining my life).

    Different problems are resolved best by different tools. It doesn't mean that one tool is superior in general. Imagine arguing that hammers are better than screwdrivers.

      Well that's because screwdrivers are better than hammers.
      Ever heard of a sonic hammer?

        Yeah, but "Captain Screwdriver's here, hair blowing in the breeze" just doesn't have the same ring to it

        Plus, who'd have sonic? :D

          And Maxwell's silver screwdriver? Nah.

    The gif shows the Apple logo for slightly longer. Gizmodo is clearly biased to the magical fruit company.


        Give this man a trophy LOL

        It'll take longer to burn all the apple stuff :P

          Wait. Is flame retardant a feature on Apple products or am I missing something?

            I was more referencing the fact that the Gizmodo office is full of apple stuff rather than anything else, hence it would take longer to burn such a large pile of it. lolroflmao

              Oh shush. Android devices outnumber Apple devices about 2:1 in this place.

    OMG I have been saying this for weeks to all my friends since i upgraded to the iPhone 5, they all carried on i should of got an andriod phone... well guess what my life is with apple and i like it all with apple, get over it, its me living my life the way i like it.

      I got myself an iPad 3 and I have a Samsung Galaxy S2.. I love that I can now send iMessages to my wife, who has an iPhone 5, for free over wifi here at work.. :) I could of course just use my Galaxy to SMS her.. but I like the little things that the iPad 3 has like this.

      If it works.. I will use it.

    I can see that Giz editors have been affected by the comments and are too scared to post positive articles on Apple. Recently Apple posts have almost always had a snarky tone.

    I don't see the problem.

    Android is CLEARLY superior to IOS and Kindle is CLEARLY superior to Ipad

    He he he,
    (now watch it all start over again!)

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