Stuffing A Projector In A Tablet Might Actually Be Awesome

When 3M started frankensteining its pico projectors into smartphones a few years ago as a proof of concept, it was novel but really had no practical use in the real world. (Even for the enterprise world and its infinite powerpoint presentations). But seeing a <projector built into Smart Devices' SmartQ U7 Android tablet has me full of ideas on how to use it.

The 7-inch SmartQ U7 is admittedly not the exact device that would sell me on a projector tablet. Despite having a 1024x600 resolution display, the 40-lumen projector only spits out an 854x480 picture, which can be blown up to 50 inches. And though a 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4 Chipset and 1GB of RAM seem a bit pedestrian for a $US300 Android tablet -- $US400 if you spring for the 1.5GHz chipset -- it's clear that such a device could be improved at a rapid rate and offered at a somewhat affordable price.

Obviously, the compromise that would have to be made here would be the slimness of the tablet. But imagine being able to play games on a big screen anywhere you have a blank wall. Or instead of having a TV in your bedroom, you could just project your tablet screen onto a wall and use a wireless speaker. Or maybe you would be using your tablet in the office and want to project a PowerPoint presentation or something.

Not only is projector technology better now, but I'd be much more willing to sacrifice some size in a tablet than I would a smartphone. If the quality of the picture was good enough, an integrated projector is definitely something I'd want in a future tablet. [SmartQ via Lilliputing via AndroidYo via Geeky Gadgets]



    Wouldn't some sort of projector case for a pre-existing tablet be more practical?

      But then they wouldn't have a reason to sell you a brand new tablet.

        No no -- new case per tablet!

        What's that? You bought a projector case for Tablet X 2012? Well, Tablet X 2013 has a slightly different shape, you need a new case too!

      Projector case for existing tablets already out there in the wild, projector tablets for those who haven't bought a tablet or are looking to upgrade. Best of both worlds :)

    samsung galaxy beam already has one for almost a year now

      Hands up who knew that?



      Exactly the problem.

      notice none of the major carriers stock the beam? I work for a small independent telco and we thought, awesome lets sell galaxy beams on low end plans, what a great cheap handset. So far 3 have gone out and 3 have come back faulty. Could be just bad luck but then we figured maybe there's a reason the major telco's haven't jumped on this one.

    40 Lumens!!

    so you'd need a freaking darkroom (the photography development kind) to be able to actually see the picture

      Ohhh... Photography dark is the darkest dark.

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