Space-Saving Dining Set Set Adjusts To Any Height You Like

The more functionality you can squeeze out of a piece of furniture, the better it is for your cramped bachelor pad. So if your home life is a constant struggle with space, check out Agnieszka Mazur's Takka stool set which serves as seating, side tables, a coffee table, and a cozy place for two to dine.

All of the pieces are strategically designed to cozy up to each other as closely as possible for a minimal footprint when not needed. And while the stools double as handy end tables for your sofa (assuming you've got the room) the table features an adjustable top that can be raised and lowered letting you use it as a centre piece for your living room, or a spot to get your feasting on. Even if you live in a tiny closet of an apartment, you won't feel embarrassed about having friends over when your similarly tiny furniture looks this good.

[Agnieszka Mazur via Design Milk]


    the top right picture, the table seems to have 4 legs but other pictures it has 3. don't know what was going on there.

      That fourth "leg" is the bar supporting the surface of the table itself, which you can't see in 2 of the other pictures as it is fully extended, and blocked by one of the legs in the bottom-left picture.

    Seriously is it that hard to proof read article titles? This is the second grammatically incorrect title in as many days...

      they're probably a bit under the pump?

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