Slotted Couch Makes It Easier To Dine In Front Of The TV

Eating dinner off a TV tray is an awkward experience because it and your couch were designed separately, preventing them from working together in harmony. And that's an oversight that Merely's Marcin Wielgosz has solved with this brilliant Hocky seating collection featuring custom designed end tables that slot into couches.

Can you wrap your head around the awesome potential here? No longer do you have to awkwardly perch on the edge of your living room furniture to enjoy a meal in front of the TV. The modular collection not only makes it easy to fill every centimetre of a room with padded comfort, but the clever slotted design means that the accompanying wooden tables can sidle up right next to you. So you can sit back and dine without the worry of spilling all over yourself, and you'll never have to reach for a handful of popcorn again.

[Merely via Design Milk]


    Um, why not just make the tables long enough to go over the ends of the couch?
    Stupidly over-engineered.

    because that would mean a person on the end of the couch who is NOT using a table will be blocked by the table. doing it this way allows each seat to use the table when they want to. much better idea imho.

    except that it looks like you would have to sit in an uncomfortable side saddle position

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