Shooting Challenge: 44 Shots Of Lines… Vote For Your Favourite!

Shooting Challenge: 44 Shots Of Lines… Vote For Your Favourite!

What’s the time? It’s Gizmodo Australia Shooting Challenge voting time! And that means last week’s Shooting Challenge is finally ready for your viewing pleasure. There are some amazing photos in this bunch, so start voting for your favourite photographer! They might just win a New Look PlayStation 3!

Note: In the interests of fairness, voting has been restricted to one per user, based on cookie and IP.

Voting closes at 10am on Tuesday, October 9.


The New Look PlayStation 3 is everything you love about Sony’s iconic home gaming flagship in a new, slimmer body. The smaller footprint is thanks to the complete redesign of the internal components to make it a better organised and better looking piece of tech. Not only is it slimmer, but it’s also sporting a bigger hard drive, giving you more for less. It’s still got the same great Blu-ray capabilities from the last PlayStation 3 and it still supports some of the best games on the market right now.

The new PlayStation 3 is an awesome prize worth $399.95 RRP and we’re excited to give two of them away to Gizmodo’s Shooting Challenge faithful.

There will be four rounds over four weeks — one each week. The community will vote each week on the submissions for one finalist. The four finalists will go head-to-head in the final round, and the two winners will be chosen by Gizmodo’s editors. That’s right: we have two consoles to give away!

This week’s Line images are below. Vote for your favourite!

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Also a reminder to please be respectful and constructive if leaving a comment about any photo.

This Week’s Entries

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Matt Walden

I call this one “Lines of vines.” I took this in the Hunter Valley on the weekend with good wine and great friends.

Vincent Cerra

There are lines everywhere we look. Sometimes the simplest lines look the most majestic.
Taken on my canon 40d
Exposure 1/50
Fstop 16

Andrew Robb

I ended up just taking this photo on an iPhone 4s, I originally had something a little more elaborate planned with my SLR and some network leads but ran out of time. I had enough red and white network leads lying around so I thought it might be fitting to use those given the AFL Grand Final outcome on the weekend.

Gloria Georgopoulos

Taken on a wonderful afternoon visiting my parents I happened to notice how beautiful this flower look and the lines that cam from its petals.
Taken on Canon 600d
no flash
F-stop 5.6
ISO 125

Andrew Palmer

This was taken at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney. The competition never asked for straight or parallel lines, and I thought that the multitude of lines in the bark of this tree were quite appealing. I’m new to photography, so I was very happy for the photo to come out as I envisaged. Unfortunately my camera started giving an error 99 shortly after this photo was taken, so hopefully I can get that fixed before the next competition!
Taken using a Canon EOS 400D, 17-80mm lens, f/4, 1/320, ISO-100, 17mm focal length.

James Panagis

This is my desk at work.
I must have all devices back on my desk and in lines at the end of the day. They go in a specific order too. iPads, then iOS devices, WP devices and lastly Android devices. You might say I have a bit of OCD, but I like to call it ‘being organised’.
The photo was taken with my iPhone 5.

Rachael Ledwich

Camera canon 450d
ISO 200
Lens Canon 50mm
Aperture f/11
At the show on the weekend. First time I have ever been. Taking 2 young children meant limited photo opportunitys as I really needed to not lose my children. I think I could have got a better shot if I had more time and free hands….

Nick Karras

This photo was taken at Nelson Bay on a holiday. I loved the amount of lines this leaf had as well as having a sort of magical touch being illuminated from the sun at the back.
Taken on a Canon 600d
Manual mode
No flash
lens EF s 18-55mm
shot on 55mm

Susan Pearce

This is a long exposure picture of the stars (30minutes, the longest our camera would do). I used a Nikon D5100 with an 18-55 lens. Unfortunately there was no good, dark night to do it so the picture is quite bright. The moon was almost full on this night and made the whole sky light up. I am always amazed at how quickly the stars actually move across the sky and how many there are.

David Thompson

I stumbled upon what looked like a power pole graveyard within Killalea state park. I was running low on batteries but managed to fire off a coule of shots of these decomposing beasts on whose shoulders mile after mile of power lines once stood.
Nikon D3100
1/20 sec iso 100

Inge Christinawaty

This photo was taken at the Floriade Flower Festival NightFest in Canberra. There were lines everywhere! Diagonal and straight lines of flowers and lights!
Camera: BlackBerry 9860
Shutter Speed: 0/1 second
No flash
No editing

Len Norris

I have been looking at the shooting challenges for a while now but have not quite taken a photo i like enough to submit, until now. This shot was taken at Hillaries boat harbour after enjoying fish and chips as the sunset on another amazing spring day in Perth. The lights on the other side of the marina make for great lines reflecting across the water, particularly the foot bridge supports. For the shot i used a Canon G10 in manual mode with an aperture of f4.5 and a 0.25sec shutter speed. The ISO was set automatically to ISO80, and auto focus and anti-shake were working hard as i had to brace the camera on a hand rail in the absence of a tripod.

Shane Prentice

Camera – Olympus XZ-1
f/2.8 1/400sec ISO-100
This is a shot of the fibonacci inspired Venus Rising sculpture at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane.
Despite just taking delivery of my brand new Nikon D5100, tripod issues (don’t buy them cheap) forced me to turn to my Olympus XZ-1 which ended up taking a much better photo.

Brian Ho

Pentax K100D
Sigma 20-80mm Lens.
F5.6, 1/50sec, ISO200
I’ve been folding Origami for a while; I find it an interestingly complex form of “art”.
I chose this simple tessellation has clean, tidy lines.Some models can look very busy. I also like how the lights also accentuate the different layers of paper.

Roger Stonehouse

Under Commonwealth bridge,
like much of the architecture of inner Canberra, it is structured deliberate and somewhat clinical. It’s almost a “Where’s Wally?” for lines (bonus points for spotting the water line :P). Around the corner is Floriade, almost the complete opposite, it can be a little jarring walking past this after a stroll in Floriade.
The shot was taken on a H3D mounted on a tripod. Mirror lockup was used to eliminate vibrations. Colors and exposure were edited in Adobe camera raw.
H3D 51s f/14.0 ISO100 50mm

Regan Crook

This is a photograph of my DVD-R stack, the loneliest of media in my possession. She is growing old, and rarely sees the light of day, which is a shame really, because when light is passed through her crystal body, only then is her true beauty shown.
Shooting Summary:
ISO 400
GE E1480W Point and Shoot
GE Aspheric Wide Zoom Lens, 8x 5.1-40.8mm, 1:3.3-5.8

Phil Brown

Lines of a sketch. A quick shot of a sketch my friend had been working on briefly, capturing a moment in front of her on paper – much like photography, only more demanding.
Fuji X100
1/200 sec


I went to shoot some night shots of Brisbane CBD from Kangaroo Pt using my Lumix sz10 and noticed this tall sculpture all lit up and practically begging to be used for this competition.
I find both the top and bottom thirds (separately) of the photo to be visually more interesting but without the middle there isn’t the ‘story’ of lines converging (but then again maybe I’m just being to artsy-fartsy about it).

Kevin Cheng

Canon EOS 7D, 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
ISO 100, EV -0.7, f/4, 1/1600 seconds
A photoshoot on the weekend ended up on a train platform in suburban Melbourne. Quite a few trains went past (surprisingly so for a Sunday) and I am sure we were free entertainment for the passengers.

Nick Albon

Only nature can create such beautiful lines. From the lines in the leaf structure to the lines of bamboo that make up this fence.
Panasonic Lumix FZ-150
Exposure 1/200
F #4.0
ISO 100

Joel Kong

Camera: Canon 600D
Shutter: 1/500
ISO: 6400
Lens: 18-55 Standard
These natural lines were taken in the surrounding environment of a lake in Mt. Gambier. In the background, you can see more of these shrubs/grasses that are all angled the same way, probably due to the persistent wind in this area.

Chen-Po Sun

This a shot of the new RMIT building on the corner of Swanston and Victoria Street. It is quite an interesting building in that it is a very basic shape, but the facade consists of lots of glass circles, some of which are offset at different angles.
As soon as I read the theme of this challenge “Lines”, I immediately thought of this building. There are so many interesting lines that are formed by the many circles in the facade as you look up at them at different angles. It is one of those things that you can keep going back to photograph many times, and get a completely different picture each time.
Nikon D7000 with 17-55mm f2.8G Lens
55mm, f8, 1/400, ISO 200

James Tindale

Took a shot of this building in Martin place last night, saw the challenge today and went back after work today to take a better photo. I loved the way the bricks and columns pulled my gaze immediately to it- As a Newcastle lad interning in the CBD the city at night is a total wonder. Shot on an iPhone 5.


Simon Lee

Taken 1/10
Canon EOS 7D
Tamron 18-270mm
ISO 200, 155mm, 1/800 sec, f5.6
Taken at Narrabeen Lakes.
I’ve tried to capture the way the horizontal lines of the waves meet the vertical lines of the reeds.

Michael Bongiorno

I was inspired by the Josh Pyke song, Lines On Palms (the title of the song, not what it’s about) and thought it was a brilliant way to fulfill the brief. So on my ride home I found a good eucalyptus tree and looked like a nutter taking photos of the leaves against the sunlight with my phone.
Shot using an iPhone 4S.
enhanced with snapseed.

Dale Preston

Out in the “magic lighting” hour in Shanghai, China and couldn’t go past the lines of this gate and how the shadow criss-crossed the pedestrian crossing. I dropped the colour to bring out the contrast.

Simon Harrington

A crisp shirt is all about lines. Even the polka dot shirts are defined and constrained by lines. I saw lines everywhere thinking about this brief, but after seeing this rack my line-seeing eye went into overload!

Louis Abousaleh

Took this photo with my uncles Sony A57. Was my first time entering the challenge. The photo is of curtains in my bedroom. 18-55mm lens used @f.3.5 with 1600 ISO and 1/250 shutter speed.

Martin Roushani

Canon EOS 550D (Kiss X4), 18-55mm, chose to go a Aperture Priority setting to capture some spectucalur lines through lights.
It was taken in Brisbane city with a neon light in the foreground and the city lighting up the background in line forms.
Me and a friend decided to try to get the most artistic shot using nothing but lights 😀
ISO 100 (minimal distortion and also to be able to take a longer shot), f/16, 6 seconds.
Post processing (not much) using Lightroom 3.4 to give it some more vibrance.

Matt Byers

Shot with Nikon D5000
55-200mm lens.
ISO: 250
F/9 with an exposure time of 1/160
External Speedlight Flash.
After wanting to enter a shooting challenge for a while now. I decided to use the public holiday to give it a try.
I started by taking a drive around town trying to find anything interesting with lines. After an hour or so I gave up, came home and strummed out a few songs on my guitar, leaned it up against my chair and then that’s when I saw the lines.
I placed the guitar on the ground and got to work, looking for the best way to bring out the lines. Its not the best image but its a start getting into the shooting challenge, and It was the better of the 3 that I wanted to put up.
Minimal editing in Photoshop CS5, Cropping, minimize saturation and a curves adjustment to bring in some more of the darker tones

Bryan Harriott

I was going through the photos I took for local band A Candela Lie (Albury, NSW) at their gig on Sunday afternoon to support LOG OFF Bullying. Although the photo was not taken with this challenge in mind on looking at it after I thought this would be the perfect fit for the theme ‘Line’
From the singer and drummers shirts, to the guitar strings, the ropes on the djembe, the leads, and so on. Not all of them are straight or obvious. Just look a little longer and appreciate ‘The Beauty in Detail’.
Shot handheld with a Sony NEX 3 & 18-55mm kit lens as RAW in Manual mode @ ISO400. Adjusted levels, and converted to black and white in post.
PS. You can stream their debut album for free from their website at

Michelle Fewings

Was taking photo’s of our two cockatiels Fred and Wilma while having a bit of a whistle-a-long.
Taken with a Canon 600D.
F-stop f/14
Exposure 1/15 sec
ISO 800
Focal length 50mm

Steve Berrick

Labour Day Holiday morning, on a stroll through Civic with my son. Found the ACT Memorial and just had to lie on my back at shoot it upward.
Canon EOS 550D w EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6
1/1250 sec at f/4.5
ISO 100

Adrian Fowler

5D Mark II
24-70 f/2.8 at 2.8 1/200th
Focal length 24mm

Mark Nettleton

My entry for the “Lines” Gizmodo Challenge is a simple shot of my new veggie patch. LInes of carrot seedlings in the foreground lead the eye to the corrugations of the potato bin in the mid ground, itself framed by the border of the garden bed. The vertical lines of the fence behind form the backdrop. This image is full of different lines!
The image was captured on a Nikon D5000 through my 18-200mm “lazy lens” at f4.8, ISO200 and 1/320th of a second. I added a little post crop and saturation in Lightroom before submitting for the competition.
Thanks for viewing 🙂

Cameron Reeves

Shot on a Canon 5D mki with 17-40.
Exposure was 1/500s, f/9, ISO200.
Jetty’s always provide a lot of options for photography, whether its a perfect summers day, or an overcast spring day like this.
Process was simple – I didnt like the eye level shot, so I put the camera on the deck of the jetty and shot this. I love photography for this very reason, it shows the viewer the photographers perspective.

Merlyn Cantwell

Anyone who has been to Melbourne has seen the iconic Shot Tower. This is a combination of 3 images of differing exposures.
Canon EOS 550D
1/60 1/160 1/500
ISO 400

David Di Troia

A Classic Chevy, taken on the 30th of September at the Bay To Birdwood Run, using my iPhone 4S, stock camera app, HDR Mode & Enhance.

Stephen Moylan

Shot in Kings Park – Perth.
ISO 200
Lines are everywhere in life when you start looking, though some lines haven’t even been seen or thought of until the camera had been invented. I just love the fact you can capture motion in a still photo, and I did just that. With the City of Perth in the background, and a full moon in the sky, I captured the motion of a ridiculously large stretch hummer drive past and leave multiple trails of suspended motion in its wake.

Anthony Murfett

Lines are everywhere, and so are garden weeds. So rather than use a man made line, I went for a more common variety – the garden weed. This is the thing I love about photography – you don’t need to go far to capture something.
Camera settings:
Nikon D600
Nikkor 24-70mm at 62mm
Hand held
ISO 400

David Johnson

When You Say Hello with a DSLR
When you say hello with a DSLR you get some of the oddest expressions from OMG to Oooh I’m a Star and “I’m going to kill you if that shutter goes click” this lady was completely neutral about it . after the shot we chatted and she asked what I was taking photo’s for, when I told her the reason she was happy with an honest answer and wished me luck She even approved of the shot ! The rest of the people at the parade posed quickly or glared despite doing the same to the local Olympians with their cameras.
Camera 600D
Shutter: 1/80th.sec
App: f:22
Lens: 50mm/f.1:8
Post processing : None

Thomas Barber

Nikon D80, Nikon DX 35mm f/1.8
Focal Length: 35mm (crop Sensor)
Shutter Speed:1/500
I checked Gizmodo on my last morning in the Whitsundays. The word ‘lines’ instantly brought Palm trees to mind. Their Fronds are made up of lines of leaves. There are lines around their trunks and they are also often planted in lines. So I ran down to the beach to snap this before I jumped on the plane.

Richard Turner

a backlit taro leaf outside my backdoor showing the lines of the ribs and intricate detail of the plant Sony DSC HX5

Rhys Gannell

I was out by a dam with my girl, who was paddling on the water. Before joining her I snapped this with my iPhone 4, nothing fancy. I liked the lines of sunlight visible through the clear water, and I like how you can’t see the water at the bottom of the photo.
After I took this photo, we then made more ripples in the dam.


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