Samsung Is Bringing Back The Start Menu In Windows 8...Sort Of

Laptop Magazine reports that, despite Microsoft's stern consternations, Samsung's Windows 8 slates will feature a tool that mimicks a Windows 7 Start Menu when it ships late this month. That's brave from Samsung, because you won't like Ballmer when he's angry...

(Who am I kidding, Ballmer's always angry, right?)

It's being reported that the pseudo-Start Menu -- dubbed S Launcher -- from Samsung will be available as a downloadable app on the Series 5 and Series 7 slates.

Something tells me Microsoft is on the phone to Samsung right now...[Laptop]



    I'm not sure if they get the point but no one is really missing the start menu on a tablet anyway. Its the desktops that people are whinging about.

      What's the bet that this makes it's way onto Samsung laptops as well?

        Well, it's an app so it will work on any device running Windows 8.

          Yeah but it'll be a metro app so you'd only be able to use it on the start screen, not the desktop where some people are wanting it back.

    More FUD-dy nonsense - Anyone with win 8 preview installed - press Windows key + X (or right click the start screen popup in the bottom left)

    You dont need a start menu anymore do you?

    Thank you come again.

    Have Win8 preview installed on my Samsung Slate 7... The S launcher still works with the Win8 OS.. but I rarely use it as the I really don't think it's too hard to get where you want to using the win 8 menus.. (slide in from the right side in desktop view and power, control panel settings all pretty much there).

    Metro UI has it's place, but most of the time I'm in desktop mode... but after using it for a few months, I don't really miss the start menu...

      That's because the Start Menu hasn't gone anywhere, it has just progressed into something else that is actually better in almost every way. I am yet to be shown anything that is harder in Win8 than in Win7, especially where the Start Menu/Start Screen is concerned.

    come on, enough with the start button thing. is there any real difference between a bunch of pixels on a screen and hovering a mouse pointer over the corner of your screen. it's not a PHYSICAL button. it took me all of 5 minutes to not give a crap about the start button in windows 8.

    Stern consternations? No, Luke Hopewell, no! This is not English.

    Wouldn't be a Samsung laptop without crapware would it?

    Win 8: Bottom left click bottom right click "all apps"
    Win 7 : bottom left click left click left click left click left click
    I think I prefer windows 8.

    Didn't stardock already do this?

    If it has any value, it will be used. If it doesn't it will be ignored.

    In any case, the whole idea of having OEMs rather than just building all the hardware yourself (i.e. MS vs. Apple) is that OEMs can compete with one another to differentiate their products and fill each market niche. If this is one way Samsung wants to differentiate itself, so be it - I'm fairly sure MS will be fine so long as it doesn't come pre-installed.

    i was skeptical about the start menu, the "metro" look and all...

    i decided on monday to ditch windows 7 ent and install windows 8 ent.

    after some niggly problems (dot net 3.5) and some drivers not working (wifi) and my touch buttons on my laptop, its is GREAT.
    it is just great...
    i dont miss the start menu, i thought about it last night on my desktop.
    i dont use the start menu, if i do, i press the windows button, and TYPE what i want, there are a few programs that i just scroll to, but thats it.
    it works, its just great.
    2 weeks ago, i said i'll never use windows 8...

    I've been using it as my primary work machine since it has been available to SA customers and i would never go back, i just pin everything i commonly use to my taskbar and I rarely even touch the start menu. It even works great on my macbook pro, and shock horror steam works and i can play games on it... I've never see a software release marred by such FUD from the media and (god i hate this term) the blogsphere.
    The only issues I've run into have been with 3rd parties not supporting it fast enough (i'm looking at you VMWare)

    since windows 7 the only time i use start is to open an application and by doing that i push the windows key then type in the first three letters of what i want and hit enter... does anyone use the start menu menu system anymore? I don't see why you would when the search works so good.. the vista one wasn't as good but 7 is quick and spot on 99.9% of the time. Now hopefully windows 8 has an easy quick way to type in the application you want to run that mimmicks this windows 7 feature, without too much hassle.. hopefully with the metro open you just do the same (windows key then type) someone could perhaps answer this for me?

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