Rumourmodo: This Nexus 10 User Manual Leaks Google's 10-Inch Tablet

A Korean gadget site has posted images of a user manual for a device called a Samsung Nexus 10 that looks much like an oversized Nexus 7. Could this — along with that new Nexus phone — be what Google is announcing next week?

The pictures don't offer much in the way of hard intel beyond that in terms of features, and the sketch of the phantom gadget looks like what you'd expect from a 10-inch tablet. At the very least it supports persistent rumours that Google will reveal its flagship slate's bigger brother at some point. This tablet is said to have a 2560×1600 pixel display, more pixels per inch than the iPad and run on Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie. We'll know if the so-called Nexus 10 is actually real next week. [Seeko via The Verge]


    Fake. Since when do gadgets come with paper manuals anymore?

      it's only apple that doesn't want you to know how to use your device.

        you don't need a manual for iDevices, that's why they appeal to so many plebs

          Pointless comment. But I counter with: Is your comment a demonstration of sarcasm or accidental admission you are a pleb?

        I have a few Apple devices and they came with paper booklets full of instructions.

          @ olearymo, you didn't read those Apple paper booklets did you!!

          You know they're only warranty, telecommunications, compliance and other service agreement disclaimers in about 30 different languages...

          This is exactly why Apple users are iFAILures

    Damn it. Not Samsung again!

      oh bloody hell just saw that! Asus is why the N7 is so good! Sick of Samsung.

    Oh man, why refer to it negatively as an "oversized nexus 7"? You didn't refer to the ipad mini as an undersized ipad.

      Or the iPad as a morbidly obese iPad Mini

      Last edited 26/10/12 1:36 pm

      Oversized Nexus 7?? Looks NOTHING like a friggin Nexus 7.

      Leslie Horn, I suggest you get some glasses

    Is that a proprietary charging port? If its real, would have thought it might have used a microusb to charge instead.

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