Rumourmodo: iPad Mini To Be Announced October 23

AllThingsD is reporting that "people familiar with Apple's plans" say that the iPad Mini will be unveiled at an event to be held on October 23.

It's tough to say how accurate the rumour is: it's a Tuesday, not a Wednesday, so it would break with tradition, but it could be timed to steal the thunder of the Microsoft Surface which officially launches just three days later.

The sources declined to tell AllThingsD where the event would be held.

For full details about what we're expecting from the new iPad Mini, read our full rumour round-up. [All Things D]



    crossing my fingers that they will announce the 13" retina Macbook Pro as well

      And a new iMac perhaps? Too many beachballs on mine

    hmm days before windows 8 announce
    what a jerk move


      Yeah, what are these people, businesses or something? They should be sitting down to cool glasses of lemonade, and complimenting each others' cardigans.

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