Rumourmodo: Google And Asus Preparing 32GB Nexus 7?

News coming out of places where men worry about stock levels has revealed the existence of a new Nexus 7 model. Asus and Google are said to be preparing a new model of their popular tablet with 32GB of onboard storage.

Google currently sells two Nexus 7 models: the cheaper version with 8GB of onboard storage space that's only available direct from Google, plus the 16GB model that's generally seen as a way for the "bricks and mortar" shops to charge a bit more money for the tablet and make a nice profit on the deal.

The 32GB model was spotted in the sales database of retailer Carphone Warehouse, with a surreptitious photo of a stock display showing a double-the-capacity Nexus 7 with the usual Wi-Fi connectivity options. Still no sign of that rumoured 3G version though. [Techradar]

Our newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    Wake me up when there's a 10" nexus 7.

    I've got the 16GB on order, I think 7" is a nice compromise. My wife's iPad seems too big sometimes. 32GB would be better, obviously, but a card slot would be better still.

      Many people would forego the more expensive models, and that is clearly not good for them.
      It's not a hard or expensive option to implement, but don't hold your breath.

    Take my money!

    What would be better idea is the ability to be able to use USB stick without rooting.

      You can with Nexus Media Importer (depending on what you are wanting to access).

    Card slot and better camera (front camera consistent with Asus other offerings) would likely clinch the deal for me. 3G would guarantee it.

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