Putting Duct Tape Over A Person's Mouth Does Absolutely Nothing

Here's a video that'll shatter many a Hollywood movies: putting duct tape over somebody's mouth doesn't stop them from screaming, it doesn't make them stop talking and it definitely doesn't keep them quiet. In fact, putting duct tape over somebody's mouth does... absolutely nothing.

Kevin Nugent on YouTube was sick of all the movies that use this gag in tense scenes and sought to disprove it. Watch the video above because he totally did. Next time I see this in a movie, I'm going to scream out in the theatre saying "HA HA. That doesn't work you fools!" (no I won't, I'll probably just snicker to myself). Anyways! Hollywood, try something different would ya? [Kevin Nugent]


    Forget about the fact that the adhesive on duct tape could be toxic.

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      Forget about the fact that if it was toxic, it likely wouldn't be on store shelves

        Forget about the fact it's not designed to be put over people's mouths and as such it probably is toxic

        Yup. The internets agree. http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2117153

    He's using the wrong tape, you need "Hollywood" tape for this. It's in the abduction and torture section at Bunnings.. :)

      lol...video of the day and comment of the day.

    Now can we have a video to see if lime can actually completely dissolve a body?

      Quicklime doesn't dissolve bodies.
      It's chemical nature limits biological decomposition in organic compounds reducing odours associated with stuffing bodies in wall cavities/under floorboards etc.

      As mentioned you should ask your Bunnings storeperson for further detials and a nice selection of corded respitory restriction options.

      .... oh and if you're coming over to my place could you bring your own lime? I'm out.

    Not lime. Pigs...

    I didn't write that out loud did I?

    Sorry but the dude in the video looks like the type of person that would really need to know if duct tape really worked or not.

    The black duck tape?

      I think you mean Fat Duck tape. So that's what Heston would sound like with an American accent.

        Good call. I didn't even watch the video & the play button is smack bang in the middle of the dudes face but I looked & immediately thought 'Wow, chefs are really wound up people'

    You for real - perhaps if he used tape with a bit of decent glue instead of from a $2 shop I would work.

    I think if you were going through the trouble making sure they wouldn't talk you'd use more than one piece, fortunately Hollywood doesn't spend half the movie duck taping someone silo I can enjoy th movie.

      So.... Auto correct.

    This guy is worse than mythbusters for screwing up an idea then saying it can't be done.

    Tape works.
    You just have to stuff something in the pie hole first then tape ALL the way round the head a few times so they can't work it lose.
    If your jaw is forced open but your mouth is taped shut it's all you can do just to breath.

    ... also, if you're going to pick holes in hollywood movies we could be here for the rest of our lives. Sheesh.

    Yes, have to put something in the mouth to tie down the glossus, but not lock the mandible. Think Gimp Ball mask.

    And don't use duct, use Cloth Gaffa (Nashua or Gorilla) and overlap, but they can still make noises through the nose.

    And taping a ping poing ball over the chricoid cartilage at a dorso-inferior angle will soon make someone stop making noises due to the choking sensation.

    Did I mention I was a navy clearance diver in my former life? :p

      you just googled that and made it you own. you're not impressing anyone.

    If you wish to keep your daughters in an un-raped state, keep this man away from them.

    Of course one tiny strip of cheap duct tape isn't going to do anything. Most movies I've seen the wrap is around their head.... and I'm sure if he did that using DECENT duct tape, he would be making very little noise

      Done this way it definitely DOES work.
      Try it.

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