Packed Lunchtime Deal: Catch Of The Day Mass Giveaway

Packed Lunchtime Deal: Catch Of The Day Mass Giveaway

We normally run Lunchtime Deal posts at lunch so you can waste money while eating. This one falls into the category of an advance warning: at some point tomorrow (October 31), Catch Of The Day will celebrate its sixth birthday by giving away $150,000 of gear.

We know the giveaway is tomorrow, but not what time it kicks off (that will be announced on email, Facebook and Twitter). Update: Email says the freebies begin at 11am.

Over the course of 12 hours, the site will dispose of $150,000 worth of goods, with one group of items being given away every 10 minutes. Among the goodies: 5 PlayStation 3 consoles 10 AppleTV units, 3 iPads, 10 3TB Western Digital hard drives. You will have to pay shipping of one cent if you happen to win an item.

Like most Catch Of The Day sales, the chances of scoring something good are minimal. But if you want to spend several hours frantically hitting reload, hey, it’s your life.

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