Nothing Will Ever Be As Relaxing As Cruising In A Hot Tub Tug Boat

Cruise lines will keep spending billions of dollars on ocean-going monstrosities that promise to be the most relaxing way to spend your holiday. But they can't hold a candle to this tiny seaworthy hot tub that's warmed with a simple wood burning stove and propelled with a quiet electric motor.

The HotTug will easily ferry six to eight passengers whether or not the glass fiber-reinforced polyester hull is filled with water. It works as both a floating hot tub or a regular boat, but presumably gets far better mileage when drained. A wood stove safely heats the water to whatever temperature you desire, and you can add a gas outboard motor if the built-in electric option doesn't have enough range or speed for your liking. The boat itself, stripped of motors and the stove, will set you back around $US11,600. But fully equipped you're looking at spending upwards of $US21,300 for what has to be the most relaxing way to enjoy the water.

[HotTug via OhGizmo!]


    Now that's something you don't see everyday!

    Now the boat itself certainly can't be classed as a tugboat, so I'm assuming their calling it the HotTug for other reasons?

    Why not use the wood heater and turn it into a steam boat?

    Sex in a lake in a hottub? I'm sold...

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