Not Even Space Shuttles Can Withstand Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy damaged the Enterprise’s tail. According to a report by, the shelter protecting the shuttle has collapsed, leaving the Enterprise exposed to the elements. [Space]

Photo: Brian Harmon.


    That's ex tropical cyclone Sandy to you.

      Post-Tropical Hurricane Sandy don't you mean?

        I have no idea anymore, depends what channel you watch the news on.

          You do hear them called Ex-Tropical "whatever you call it in your part of the world"// Cyclone, Hurricane, typhoon.... or just a really big storm..... they all so the same sorts of damage to the sad sods in their path... Im not too sure of you care if it is cat1 or cat5, when it flattens your house it is all bad....

            ops. or of it blows your tail off....

    It also delayed some people's iPhone deliveries... a particularly evil hurricane.

      +1 Apple needs to do better.

    I love it how they can withstand the heat of reentry and fly millions of kilometres around the Earth but are damaged by some wind. Awesome power of nature at work.

      No wind in space, right?

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