Nexus 10 Hands-On: A Tablet You Can Split With Everyone

There are few bad things to say about the Nexus 10 -- maybe one or two. The rest is good. Very good. It’s plain and fast and nice and doesn’t weigh too much. And now you and your roommates and mum can share it. Lovely.

Look and Feel

  • The Nexus 10 is your standard Samsung Black Rectangle Thing. That’s fine. It shouldn’t bother anyone anymore. Samsung lost the trial to Apple, let’s all move on.
  • It’s a fine weight -- I can imagine reading a magazine or book for any standard duration without fatigue, and its edges are comfortable.
  • The screen is marvellous -- really, really, really crisp (and with a 300dpi display, that’s no shock). Colors are fantastically bright and clear. Text is sharp. This thing would be a joy for reading and watching.
  • That said, HD magazines from Google Play are so large that the Nexus 10 still chugs a bit when trying to flip through pages -- which, unlike a book, is something you’ll probably do frequently.

Using It

On the Nexus 10, Android 4.2 gives you multi-user login. Like any full computer, you’ll have an admin user who can then create as many separate accounts as you want, with their own customised settings, apps and inboxes. This might sound small, but think about it! This tablet, out next month, is expensive (16GB for $469; 32GB for $569). But if you’ve got roommates or a family, you can split that cost and share the thing. Or, if you’re flying solo, this obviates the need for any... uhh, well, I guess you can use my tablet if you really need to check your email moments of social tech suspicion. Just set up a guest account and let anyone do their thing, as long as they don’t steal the tablet.

The Nexus 10 is unremarkable, other than it’s terrific cleanliness. Android 4.2 has no stupid skins. It’s pure, refined Android. And if you want an Android tablet, you’ll get the most Android Android tablet there is. This is nice.


    Meh... I'm over Android, I'm waiting for a decent Windows 8 RT tablet with a slider keyboard built in. I was considering a full W8 Laptop but I doubt it would get enough use to warrant the cost. Windows 8 RT will beat out Android OS eventually.

      I imagined that all coming from Timmys mouth. Made about as much sense.


          Considering you find the comment so funny, maybe you can explain it, because it made no sense to me..!

            Well your ID is the kid from South Park, right? The guy was saying he read your comment like Timmy from South Park was saying it.

            PS he also implied your comment made as little sense as Timmy's speech, I'm not agreeing/laughing about that tho ;)

            Last edited 01/11/12 9:22 am

      Have Sony made one? Or was it an X86 device?

      I'd play with one in person before ordering though. I was trying out a Vaio ultrabook in JB the other day and I couldn't close programs, the touch didnt' seem sensitive enough at the edges of the screen so the pull down gesture flat out wouldn't work. Zero problems with the HP sitting right next to it.

        Nvm, just found it. VAIO Duo 11, it's full Windows 8, not RT.

    Horray for stock Android! Hence I can't wait for CM10 running 4.2 for my Samsung tab.

    "On the Nexus 10, Android 4.2 gives you multi-user login."

    Maybe it's just the way it's worded, but doesn't Android 4.2 gives multi-user login on every device it's on? Not just the Nexus 10?

      So long as the device is a tablet, yes.

      Even if on every device this is still right. It is first and foremost telling you that 4.2 is on the nexus 10 - which therefore allows multi-user login. Why the incessant grammar policing on this site?

    So, wait. This is the cheapest, most powerful and most high resolution tablet available, running a fantastic and expandable operating system...

    And you conclude by calling it "unremarkable". Why is this whole article so incredibly jaded for seemingly no reason? I'm not calling bias on this, I'm just wondering if you've had a shitty day or something...

    It's doesn't have the Apple logo on it. Enough said.

    "Samsung lost the trial to Apple, let’s all move on."

    They didn't lose the UK trial ...

    Samsung gear is decent apple gear is 78℅ marketing 12℅ software & 10℅ hardware

      Seriously? Apple hardware is so much better than Samsung hardware. Much more solid. Metal. No shiny plastic. Rock-solid stable. High quality and diverse app ecosystem. Consistent performance. Faster. I'd like Android to be better than it is, especially on tablets, but it's not. I don't like the iOS interface, but overall the OS has a lot of benefits.

        Ah metal, that lovely, inelastic material that loves to dent.

    can we really call the nexus 10 expensive considering the same sized ipad is $70 more? I personally thought the sub-$500 price tag for that resolution was pretty good especially considering the other android tablets out on the market.

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