More Famous Logos In Comic Sans Confirms It: This Font Ruins Every Logo

Comic Sans is so universally reviled on the internet that it's become hilarious when people actually try to use it. I wish I could be like those people who can look at Comic Sans and just see it as a happy font. I wish I could see the entire world in Comic Sans and love it. I wish every company's logo was in Comic Sans.

We've seen Comic Sans logos before but there is something about this new set that's just tickling my belly. The famous tech logos actually take the Comic Sans punch quite well, it's the other famous logos — like Coke or Mercedes Benz — that look laughably bad in Comic Sans. Like they immediately lose all their luster.

Check out more logos in the series, Not Strong Mark, by Russian designer Oleg Tarasov here. [Not Strong Mark via Laughing Squid]

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