Microsoft Surface Makes For A Decent Skateboard

What happened to Microsoft? Not only has it just busted out some pretty decent tablets, but its execs seem to know how to have fun too. Steven Sinofsky, head of the Windows unit, decided to mount some skate trucks on the back of a Surface tablet and ride that thing around Microsoft's campus.

Of course, it's just a PR stunt to show how hardy the Microsoft Surface is, but there are a lot more dull ways to do that. And yes, Sinofsky did drop it and show off the fact that it still worked, but skating around on a $600 tablet -- well, you wouldn't catch Apple doing that, would you? [Twitter via AllThingsD]

Microsoft’s Surface Makes For a Decent SkateboardOur newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.


    I would have gone more with the whole 'pre-orders of Surface RT sold out' line.

    But still, I chuckled at this!

    At least they will have some use for all the left-over units that they didn't sell! :-)

      FYI all units already pre-sold for delivery by end of Oct.

        Lucky I ordered the most expensive option first day then! :D

    it would've been cooler if they got Tony Hawke to jump something on it.

    has anyone discussed how surface handles booting/sleep modes?!?
    does it emulat the tablet experience, or more the pc environment with turning on, and off? :S

      Windows RT does the more "phone" thing and goes into a Stand bye mode. Windows 8 x86/x64 operates like windows 7 with a Sleep mode.

      Windows 8 preview on my moderately outdated desktop started and stopped mindbogglingly fast. In fact the whole OS runs famously compared to Vista (yeah, I know) on the same hardware. So far, my experience with WIndows 8 is that it is zippy and responsive. These first wave of tablets do not support the desktop, which removes lots of backwards compatibility issues... and probably load on the processor. I am guessing sleep is fine, as every Windows preconception I had about performance was blown away already.

      RT takes use of the advantages of a low power and highly sophisticated processor optimized to run on tablets. Your PC processor was not designed with these factors being important, so the CPU has to do a lot more tasks (mostly related to hardware) before it can cut the power, such as shutting down IDE/SATA devices safely. Because of 40 years of technology in the PC, vs the very new and well designed hardware you'll find in an RT device, for a normal PC CPU to be able to do that, it would need upgrades of every component to support the new system.

    I'd be putting that in the ad.

    Sell them as skateboards that can send email and browse the web.

    Not that new and not that interesting..

    You wouldn't catch Apple doing it because they have more class than that..

    Apple tablets come with battle scars out of the box. You gotta make your own with MS tablets, and this looks like a fun way to get the job done ;)

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