Microliner Turns Your Twitter Conversations Into Hierarchical Trees

Microliner Turns Your Twitter Conversations Into Hierarchical Trees

Our friend Dave Winer has released a really useful minimalist tool called Microliner. It turns your Twitter conversations with multiple people from long sausages impossible to follow into logical, clearly organised hierarchical conversations.

It’s pretty easy install and use:

• First download OPML — his outline editor — here and run it.
• A dialog should appear asking if you want to update to get the latest code. Do it.
• Once it’s done, go to the Tool catalogue from the Misc menu.
• Click the Install link in the microliner row.
• Click OK to the confirmation prompts.
• Now you only need to connect it to Twitter by choosing “Connect With Twitter” from the Microliner’s sub-menu of the Tools menu.

After you are done with this, you can use Microliner to post tweets and reply to other tweets. The tool will automatically arrange the conversation in a hierarchical tree, which is so easy to follow. You can even publish the conversation in HTML form.

It may be too spartan for normal consumers now, but nerds will love this. I wish Dave made a dedicated app for this, with a cool polished interface. I would use it all the time. [Microliner]