Lunchtime Deal: Refurbished iPad 3rd-Generation For $379

This will get iPad 3 owners mad. Apple is discontinuing the iPad 3rd-Generation (or new iPad, if you prefer) on the US store for just $US379. In Australia, the same one is going for $488. That means by going to the trouble of importing it, you can save yourself a decent amount of cash on what is still a great device.

[Apple Store]


    what you click on the link it's states that its selling for A$ 419???

      It's $419 in Australia. Shipping redirect is going to cost you pretty close to $50. May as well just buy it from the Australian Store.

      US Store:

      AU Store:

    Wait, they're "discontinuing" the iPad 3rd gen? Already?

    anyone want to buy a "new" ipad, 6months old, not-quite-4g?

    I have one in an unopened box as a gift... would love to upgrade to the new one hehe.

    $497 from Big W, 16Gb Wifi version (last time I looked on the weekend)

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