LG Uses New IPS Displays To Prank Lift Passengers

There's nothing quite like a good prank, and what prank is better than convincing innocent people that they are about to meet their bitter, messy end? That's the path LG went down for this ad, where it uses IPS displays to fool people — however briefly — that a lift's floor is falling out from beneath them.

Presumably, these are all random, innocent people. But it's an ad, so you can be sceptical if you like. Regardless of what it may or may not say about how lifelike LG's IPS displays are, it's a pretty good trick and it's fun to see people yelp and grab for the railing. I'm just glad I never set foot in there. That's a particularly nagging fear of mine and I'm pretty sure I would wet myself on the spot. Who knows how those displays would fare then. [YouTube via The Next Web]

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