iPad Mini Gets An Australian Price

iPad Mini Gets An Australian Price

The iPad mini lives! After months of speculation, Apple finally launched the mini at an event in California this morning. We know how much it is in the US, but what’s the price in Australia and when can you get your hands on one? More importantly, does it support 4G?

The iPad mini is up on the Australian Apple Store right now starting at $369. That’s for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model and prices go up from there. Compare that to the US price and we’ll pay about $40 extra. Taking into account sales tax, shipping and GST, that price bump is forgivable.

Here’s the rest of the iPad mini line-up as far as price goes, side by side with the iPad 2, which Apple seems to be holding onto, and the iPad fourth-generation we saw updated today.

iPad Mini Gets An Australian Price

Notably, the cheapest you’ll get away with a cellular iPad is for $509, while the most expensive model of the mini is $729. Ouch.

Here’s the full pricing compared to the US, courtesy of Angus at Lifehacker:

Model Australia US
16GB Wi-Fi $369 $US329
32GB Wi-Fi $479 $US429
64GB Wi-Fi $589 $US529
16GB 3G/4G $509 $US459
32GB 3G/4G $619 $US559
64GB 3G/4G $729 $US659

As far as getting one is concerned, you can pre-order both the cellular and Wi-Fi-only models from Friday. The Wi-Fi only will ship first and Apple is hoping to get it into your hands from November 2. Two weeks later, the cellular models will ship.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the cellular devices would “first ship in the US, then would be heading around the world”. What that means for Australia, we’re not sure yet, but we are a prominent stop in Apple’s launch market book so by the end of November you can expect to have your cellular iPad mini.

It does support 4G, despite the fact that there is no mention of it on the site. During the keynote, Telstra and Optus were both namechecked as being supported Apple partners for 4G/LTE connectivity.

Are you pre-ordering a new iPad or holding out for something better?

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