How McDonald's Makes Its Delicious French Fries

McDonald's french fries are so incredibly addicting that they can't be from this world, right? Wrong! Check out how McDonald's makes its delicious french fries in the video above, you'll see the farms the potatoes grow on, the massive machinery used to break them down and the good ol' fashioned frying that makes 'em pop. I can smell the fries through YouTube.

You can see the potatoes come from the ground and then move on to become miraculously peeled and pushed through the cutting system to be chopped into the lovely McDonald's fry shape. The fries are then blanched, dried, fried for 45 seconds and then frozen for shipping. It's a very efficient process. If you're a fan of McDonald's french fries and/or love machinery porn, check out the video above. [McDonald's Canada]


    Delicious cancer!
    Seriously, fried chips are really really bad for you! :O.

      didn't you hear? everything gives you cancer.

      Oxygen causes cancer, but you can't live without it. Sunlight causes cancer but you cant live without it. Too much of anything will kill you. The key is moderation. If your stupid enough to eat a kilo of fries each day you can't complain when you have a heart atack.

    Cool ad for Mcdonalds. Personally I prefer KFC chips though. Good old McCains chips fried for two and a half minutes in boiling oil, then generously coated in salt. Finger Licking Good!

    The thing I'd like to know is the cost. Since the simple fact that fast food is unhealthy -- and yes, before you cry "blah blah moderation", there's no way any meal that takes up half or more of your daily caloric intake while providing very little micro-nutrients and a terrible macro ratio can be considered anything other than unhealthy -- hasn't convinced people to stop eating it, perhaps by knowing McDonald's margins people would come to the realization that they are paying McDonald's (the corporation -- not the pathetically paid staff) to fatten them up.

    McDonald's is nothing more than a corporation with a fat fetish.

    Is noone else as worried as I am that the chips are blanched, coated in dextrose, and partially dehydrated? That's hardly natural, and it strips the veggie of the little nutrients that it does have. They make it sound like that's a normal process!

    Lol did anyone else try using the youtube transcribe feature for close captions, dextrose transcribes as addiction and there was also a mention of niccotine.

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