How Cramped Must This iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Be?

If you're using a touchscreen device for any kind of serious work, a physical keyboard is a must-have accessory. It's no different for the new iPad mini, although at just 7.78 inches wide when used in landscape mode, this new Bluetooth keyboard case from Zagg is probably going to feel a little cramped.

In comparison, the 11-inch MacBook Air, the smallest laptop Apple makes with a full-sized keyboard, is a spacious 11.8-inches across. So with the ZAGGkeys Mini 7 you're sacrificing about four inches worth of keyboard real estate, and for touch typists who expect the keys to always be in a certain spot, the cramped layout here is going to be an issue.

The better and cheaper option is probably still Apple's own wireless Bluetooth keyboard, unless you like the fact that the $US90 Mini 7 case turns the iPad mini into a tiny makeshift laptop.

[Zagg via Ubergizmo]



    I disagree that a Bluetooth keyboard is essential for real work. The glass touchscreen keyboard is fine.

    Wow that looks like a really good idea i wonder where they got it........Surface!

      Or any other netbook that ever came out.

      You are kidding, right? The Bluetooth Keyboard case had to be one of the first accessories for the iPad. Even before that, they weren't exactly uncommon for other tablets.

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