How A Pro Takes Spectacular Split-Second Shots Of Water Droplets

A drop of water might seem mundane, but if you take a picture of one the right way, it can be absolutely stunning. No one knows that better than Markus Reugels, the guy who took that amazing "world in a drop of water shot". This is how he does it.

It's not just brandishing a camera at water, Reugels has a sophisticated rig with plexiglass panes to affect the light, homemade modifications to beef up the flash, and even some gels used to colour the splash. Ultimately, a lot of what factors into the best shots is luck, but the whole process is impressive nonetheless. [PetaPixel]


    This would make a good shooting challenge!

    Professional Water Droplet Expert had to say it :P

    Would love to do this, if only it wasn't so expensive to get it started.

    just start with a bucket, a tap, a flash, and a lot of patience. I remember doing this kind of thing in high school, just obviously a lot more basic than this. I think his biggest tip in there was probably turn your flash power down as low as it can go, to make the exposure fast as possible.

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