Here's A Maddeningly Short Video Of The Purported Nexus 10 Tablet

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Google's Android event in NYC got cancelled, the one where we were ever-so-probably sure there was going to be an announcement of the Nexus 10 tablet. Well, we have the next best thing, kind of.

BriefMobile, source of previous leaks, released a video of the tablet. A brief one.

Really, the video doesn't give us much to go on other than what we already know. But to be fair, we already know a lot, and this is just another piece of evidence to confirm that all of that is probably right. What we can't confirm is why anyone would think it was a brilliant idea to make a five-second video of a hot and as-yet-to-be-released product when they could have at least gone with seven, or maybe even an incredibly appropriate 10. [BriefMobile via SlashGear]

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