Here's A Look At ASUS' Padfone 2

With an announcement reportedly just days away, it makes sense we'd be seeing a bit more of the updated version of ASUS' phone/tablet coupling in the media. In the video above, it only gets about a minute's worth of airtime, but it's enough to get an idea of how the Padfone 2 will be like to hold and use.

The clip, from Bloomberg TV, starts out talking about ASUS' Windows 8 notebooks, so if you're not terribly excited about Microsoft's upcoming operating system and the hardware that'll go with it, skip to about the 1:45-mark for all the Padfone 2 goodness.

While I'm not particularly interested in owning one myself, the "fone" part is, admittedly, a mighty fine-looking gadget. I can imagine the tablet might feel a bit odd with the phone removed, but the phone by itself seems to stand well as an independent device.

[YouTube, via Phandroid]



    That looks like a big step up from the current one - really slick!

    I swear it sounded like he was saying "Bat Phone".

      You could be right, I heard they're going to launch this in Gotham City

    That first thing with the two screens is terrible.

      Terribly productive for some people. Not you or I.

    damn that's purty.

    Very tempted to get two phones and one tablet (one phone for the wife).

    Cost is going to be crippling though and hard to justify Android tablets with Win8 touchscreens coming.

    So conflicted....

    I've got the current Padfone.. its awesome. Same kind of specs as the SGS3 but turning it into a Tablet and a Laptop is amazing.

    Asus seem to be really good with software updates too. Kernal is open source and availbile on the website. No unlocked bootloader yet tho.

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