Here's A Humongous New 8TB Thunderbolt Hard Drive

Western Digital is really getting in bed with Thunderbolt. It already has a 2TB 10,000RPM monster, and now it has an 8TB external drive with Thunderbolt.

The MyBook 8TB is the largest consumer-level Thunderbolt drive, and it works with RAID 0 and RAID 1. It comes with a Thunderbolt cable too, which is nice. It also has two Thunderbolt ports, so you can daisy-chain six together for 48TB of Thunderbolt magic. On the downside, it doesn't have a USB 3.0 alternative, so if you have to work with an alternative machine that doesn't have a Thunderbolt port, well, you're screwed. It's $US850, and available now at WD's online store. Australian details are yet to be confirmed. [Western Digital]


    They can run but I think that SSD will get them before too long.

      yeah I'm thinking of mortgaging the house to buy an 8TB ssd lol. Love my SSDs but very different purposes my friend.

      You do realise how much that would cost for a 8tb SSD drive?

        "before too long"

        At the rate we're advancing, SSD's will cost as much as your standard hard drive.
        Okay, maybe a little exaggeration there, but they will significantly lower in price over the coming few years.

          Hope so. This thunderbolt hard drive isn't cheap but still not small. But what do you think about thunderbolt adapter for HDD? Here I found one article about it Maybe it's good idea.

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