GoPro Updates With Hi-Def Hero 3

GoPro remains the camera to beat in action scenarios, which is why updates remain essential. The newly-announced GoPro Hero 3 delivers on that front, offering improved resolution in a camera that is 30 per cent smaller than its predecessor.

The 20mm thick Hero 3 featyres a platter of improved specs: 20 per cent lighter, able to shoot 4K resolutions at 15 frames per second, and offering frankly ludicrous 8.5MP resolution if you want to shoot stills at 15 frames per second. The new model, which has Wi-Fi built in rather than being an optional extra, ships from next Monday (October 22).

The Hero 3 black edition (that is, the new model) is $US399.99, while the lower-res silver edition costs $US299.99 and the basic white edition (offering a more basic 5MP resolution) is $US199.99. The Wi-Fi remote for the basic editions is $US79.99, which feels like yet another example of decoy pricing.

No local pricing yet, but we'll update as soon as we hear. I'll be doing something dangerous and embarrassing with the GroPro Hero 3 in an aquarium off San Francisco tomorrow, so stay tuned for the humiliation.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman travelled to San Francisco as a guest of GoPro.



    I've ummed and arred about getting the hero 2 for ages, so glad I did as this new one sounds ridic!! One please...

    SNAP! Bring on Puerto Vallarta, Canada, San Francisco and LA this Xmas for some serious GP3 ACTION ! I'm totally in!

    black editon on gopro site: "12MP burst capture at a staggering 30 frames per second" - that is ludicrous!

    This couldn't be more of a "Shut up and take my money" article... Just send me three and I'll be set.

    Not sure if the decoy princing is valid for the Hero3. The silver edition is a modernized Hero2, and the black has a really new interior. The black seems like the best way to go, although I don't need 4K... (do I need a GoPro at all, despite I wan't one?!)
    Good marketing :-/

    I wish my life was exciting enough to get one

    looks like GoPro is getting scared, of Sony's new Action Cam.

    does the black edition come with the remote for $399??

    this is awesome, i'm heading to america in less than a month... i'm not going to pack any clothes or eat while i'm there, just buy gadgets!

    Should I pre order the black edt from the GoPro website, or wait for it to come out in Australian shops?

      Asking myself the same question. Will it be release the same day in oz?

      Same here! does anyone know the Australian pricing yet? The shipping on the American website looks pretty pricy...

    Ordered one from Miranda Westfield Camera shop. $497 for the 'Motorsport' Edition. Dealer told me that if they did not release a 'Motorsport' pack he would give me the suction pad mount for the same price.

      Any news on a release date for shops here in Australia??? Was thinking of a pre order, but travelling overseas in December, so need it for then. Fingers crossed.

        Just got a call from Diamonds Photographic who have my pre-order for a hero3 black. It was due at the end of November early December but has now been put back to end of December due to issues getting it licensed for Australia apparently.

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