Google Made Way Less Money This Quarter Than Everyone Thought

It's easy to get caught up in the Wall Street expectations game, under whose rules Google just had a disastrous third quarter. But while earnings were down significantly year over year, the company still hauled in over two billion dollars of income on $US14.10 billion of revenue. That's got to count for something, right?

The release came earlier than expected; Google's didn't hold a call to discuss the quarter until 4:30 EDT, and the numbers usually roll out about an hour before that.


    Wolframalpha: google net profit last year 10bil, projected this year 8bil. True, quite a few zeros down. we need every single device (desktop, tablet, phone, microwave) to be a server. that'll kill off google, unless they find a better ad model, and one without 'search-result-binding-to-google-account-webmaster-tools' and the crap AdWord campaigning - a small business can not afford this crap, it is complete nonsense, since exactly that small business has no fukcing clue about, robots.txt, analytics, site map.xml (or go one +: stemma.php).
    it will be the future, if u like it or not. in one way or another. that's a good thing! no more leaving a login and a password on a server. for everyone (or machine) to guess any other combo on any other service I am affiliated with, index by google ;-)

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