Gerry Harvey Will Sell You A Copy Of Windows 8 Tonight

It's Windows 8 eve! Tomorrow is the day we officially get our hands on the next generation of Microsoft. To celebrate this momentous occasion in retail history, Gerry Harvey himself will be personally selling copies of Windows 8 in Sydney tonight. Here's where you can find him.

Picture by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Harvey is going to be at his Alexandria Harvey Norman store tonight, and when the clock strikes midnight, Gerry will personally ring the till up for the first Windows 8 sale.

Harvey Norman's head of computers will also be there to officiate the sale.

Gerry is coming down because he wants to celebrate his customers being some of the first in the world to get their hands on the new operating system.

Let us know if you're heading down. I'll be there to say hi, too.



    Isn't that a little past Gerry's bed-time? Will he still be awake at midnight?

      He is a vampire.

        he sucked me dry 5 months ago

          For the sake of god, get rid of mdolley so cannonballs comment is 100000x funnier.

    Are any other Harvey Norman stores gonna be open? I finish work at 11:30pm so Chatswood would be handy but I'm not going to go all the way to Alexandria.

    EDIT: Actually, it looks like the Chatswood store is closed. It doesn't show up on the store locator on their site.

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      Fairly sure most are doing it. Can pre order on there site click pickup and it should list which ones are open.

      However found out its upgrade copies only. So will grab an OEM copy during friday arvo from my supplier instead :).

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      Yes, the Harvey Norman at Chatswood closed a few months ago. See

      "Mr Harvey said the company had to bail out many franchise stores by cutting rents and subsidising operations. He said he had to close a store in Chatswood after losses of more than $1m."

      The North Ryde store on Epping road is open midnight I believe

    How much are Harvey Norman charging for Win8 retail?


        That's not bad for full retail!

          Actually, as far as I can tell, it's an upgrade licence and it's actually $58.

          "This version installs Microsoft Windows 8 Pro from a previous version of Windows."

            Ah, considering anything I'd install it on I'd be using USB3 anyway, I'd just save myself the $20 and buy the online upgrade then.

    That's for the upgrade. There is no full retail available yet if I understood it correctly.

      HN advertising it at $58 in Perth's West Australian newspaper

    I'm interested in getting windows 8. If i was to have a pirated copy of windows 7 what is my cheapest option to upgrade to windows 8?

    "Gerry is coming down because he wants to celebrate his customers being some of the first in the world to get their hands on the new operating system."

    That is, apart from the Walmart customers who got it when they were selling it last Monday :)

    What kind of moron buys a disk? Save yourself $30 and download the upgrade for $40

      3Gb of bandwidth is worth about $15 on my 3G broadband plan, plus $10 or so for the 4Gb Flash drive to store it on, so the disk will only cost me an extra $10, which seems well worth it to me.

        You win tight ass of the year. Are you sure your name isn't Mc MotorMouth?

        Not to mention mathematician. I got to $25 out of that, still not $69

          Nathan, you're forgetting that it still costs you $40 on-line, which is strange as you did actually mention it in your original post, so that is $40 + $25 = $65. As I only paid $58 for it last night, I saved $7 by not downloading it, less petrol and tolls.

          @kr00 - I didn't decide to buy it to save money, I was just pointing out that I wouldn't be saving $30 by downloading it.

    Would we be better off just upgrading online for $40.00..?

      Do you have a link to the page where you can find the download version by any chance, or is it not live yet?

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    Is it worth grabbing? Haven't really been keeping up with it all... Is there a noticeable boost in performance on current hardware for gaming or etc?

      check with your hardware, to ensure they have drivers for Windows 8

        All Win7 drivers are supposed to be compatible with WIn8. The only issues I've had are with very exotic hardware - my 8 year old USB Audio/MIDI interface. Everything else just worked.

        What's the best way of doing that for a HP laptop? I know I have an i7 and a radeon 6700M... They have that recovery partition as well, wonder if that will cause any hassles...

      If you haven't been keeping up, then you're obviously not that keen in the first place,
      So I wouldn't bother if I were you.
      If you haven't been keeping up, you won't understand the changes that have been made either so you'll most likely just end up being completely confused and start blaming it for not doing what you "expected".
      May I suggest reading a few of the several dozen or so articles that have already been posted so you can be better informed than you're likely to be from someone posting in the comments section of just the one article.
      Sorry Mark, I don't mean to be harsh, but that really is a pretty daft question all things considered.

        should be "Mike". Sorry. I mis-read.

        Nah fair call, I've read a little but not enough to be fluent in all the nitty gritty details. Just curious on performance gains is all...

    Meh, had Windows 8 all versions including Volume License version long ago, love my TechNet Pro subscription.

    So how much is Windows 8 outright? not just the upgrade version.

    I was going to go out and get a laptop tonight, was thinking the L840/042 from JB, it's pretty good specs and $998... Should I wait?

    I'm assuming the downloadable upgrade still has an option for a clean install? (once its verified your Win7 key?). Or do I trust Microsoft to upgrade my current install of Win7 to Windows8 without stuffing anything up?

      I installed the Consumer Preview over my Win7 install and it all went swimmingly. I can't imagine it would be worse with the final version.

        Wish I could say the same thing. The upgrade process hung at the very last stage, and no amount of startp repair or any other fiddling would fix it. Ended up reformatting, installing Win7 and upgrading straight away from that. This time selecting "keep nothing". Obviously that has worked fine, but now I'm going through the arduous process of restoring all my software, folders and files manually from backups.

        Quite like Win8 so far though now that it's working. There's some little touches that weren't in the consumer preview which have made it a lot better to navigate the new UI with mouse and keyboard. It's still not ideal, but Metro is only one small part of the OS. I also like the visual changes applied to the desktop environment. Subtle but nice. Aero has really done its dash and looks very tacky in comparison now.

    Luke remember to charge the phone in case you need GPS from Alexandria to will be dark. ~snicker~

    I heard Harvey Norman have some kind of exclusive deal with Microsoft, not special prices but free priority support or something.
    Also, a lot of their staff have done pretty extensive training with Microsoft.

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