Orchestra Springs Up From Nowhere, Starts Playing Star Wars Music

If you want to get the average person interested in the orchestra, this is one way to go about it. Just nonchalantly rock up at a public square, whip out your trumpet and start blasting out one of the most recognisable sci-fi tunes ever composed. And by trumpet, I mean the actual musical instrument not... well, let's move on, shall we?

As this article over at Mashable explains, the folks performing the piece are from the WDR Symphony Orchestra, based in Cologne, Germany. They slowly but surely set themselves up in the city's Wallraf Square, beginning with the low-key appearance of a conductor and trumpeter.

It ends with violinists, harpists and an assortment of other instruments and it sounds pretty darn good to my ears. Hopefully, it's not just a once off -- I could easily get used to this sort of thing.

[Huffington Post, via Mashable]


    I was in Cologne when this was a thing... if only had taken my bassoon on holidays with me.

    Wasn't there a bank in Belgium (?) that did a similar thing with Ode to Joy? I remember the wonderful video, but can't remember the details. I would love to be there when such a happening happened!

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