FBI Puts Idiots With Laser Pointers In Prison

Laser pointers are no joke and neither is shining them at planes. You may recall that the FBI recently set up a laser attack task force in the US, and they aren't kidding around. One laser-happy person just got sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Robert Bruce Jr, 56, had a habit of shining lasers at US Navy pilots because the noise they were making pissed him off. Surely he'll be more comfortable in prison during the three years of probation due to follow his sentence. He's not the only one either. A Las Vegas man was sentenced to eight months, and a Florida man got six months recently. Bruce's 18 months might seem like a lot, but he was actually up against a possible 100 years.

So let that be a warning that this is serious business, for the folks in the air and the idiots on the ground. Don't be an idiot. They're prohibited/restricted in most Australian states as well. [WTKR]

Image: Robin Lund/Shutterstock

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