New Android Apps: Doodle Joy And More

New Android Apps: Doodle Joy And More

It’s time to batten down the hatches for a possible frankenstorm. So you should probably download some new apps in the event you’re stranded in your house for a few days. In this round of the best Android apps of the week, there’s plenty to occupy you, from a drawing app to a photo mashup tool, and so much more.

ThrowMeApp: Stage your own camera toss. Throw your phone in the air and this app will snap a pic when its at the peak of its climb and the device is facing down. Just steer clear if you lack hand-eye coordination. Free.

Photo Punch: This is one of those silly, inconsequential apps — it lets you take items from one photo, and place them in the other photo, and share them with your friends. Funny how these little low-effort gimmicks give you so much entertainment. Free.

Fontly: Design geeks, take heed. This app lets you find vintage fonts around you, and add typographical gems you’ve found. Post your pics and they’ll be posted to Fontly’s map. Free.

Doodle Joy: I still love Microsoft Paint. If you do too, you can download this drawing app to make masterpieces on your Android phone. The app is much more beautiful and a bit more sophisticated than paint, but artistic talent is still not a requirement. Free.

SmartGlass: The wait is over. Download SmartGlass to control your Xbox from your phone. Basically you never have to leave your couch ever again. Free.