Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi Plan Huge Weekend Sales. Here's What You Can Score

We're heading into the Christmas Holiday shopping season and already two of the best sales we'll see this year are upon us: Dick Smith's XXXL Sale and the JB Hi-Fi Stocktake Sale. Here's what you can expect to pick up for cheap tomorrow at either outlet. You don't want to miss this.

Here are just some of the deals from Dick Smith that we know about:

  • Up to 30% off TVs
  • Up to 30% off computers (excluding tablets, Apple computers and iPad)
  • 10% off Apple computers (excluding iPad and built-to-order machines)
  • 40% off Logitech and Microsoft mice, keyboards, headsets and webcams (excluding tablet/iPad keyboards and PC speakers/docks)
  • 40% off headphones (excluding gaming, PC and mobile phone headsets, Junior range, Apple, Beats by DRE, Pioneer & Logitech UE)
  • 25% off in-car GPS (excluding D4557 and D9174)
  • 20% off Sony, Nikon and Olympus digital cameras
  • 30% off gaming software (below $59.95)
  • 20% off Home Theatre Systems

Dick Smith's sale is exclusively Saturday-only.

Meanwhile, over at JB Hi-Fi, you can expect similar sweet savings. Here's what we dug up:

  • 15% off Samsung TVs
  • 20% off Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Asus computers
  • Up to 20% off HP computers
  • $100 trade-in on Canon DSLRs (conditions apply)
  • 15% off digital, video and action cameras
  • 30% off car stereos
  • 20% off portable navigation
  • 20% off Sennheiser headphones
  • 30% off Targus laptop bags
  • 20% off Sandisk memory cards
  • 20% off Lowepro camera bags
  • JB's sale ends on Sunday.

    Crack open your piggy banks and get your gadgets on!

    Image: Philip Brewer

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      40% off headphones. Except for.... Headphones.

        Why? all the ones excluded are the crap stuff.

          Not that they have a lot in the way of good stuff from past experience.

        50% off headphones - do you want the left one or the right one?

        We just started getting the Pioneers and I'm looking forward to see what the customers say about them, I can see why they were ignored, also we just got new ranges of Logitech UE headphones and earphones, same reason. We simply don't have a big range of Beats, pretty sure my store only has the HTC One X bonus unit. Apple stuff has too high a cost price. That leaves Sennheisers, Sonys, Philips, TDKs, OnEars and anything I might be missing on special.

        That's still a large range of specials, so I don't know what you're talking about.

        Last edited 21/10/12 10:35 am

          does not get sarcasm -- their advert spent more time pointing out headphones that weren't on sale, than it did on those that were.

          And so did your post!

            All the ones advertised as per the catalogue weren't included on the one-day XXXL sale.

      Do they have the Bose quietcomfort 15?

      Last edited 19/10/12 3:44 pm

      The Dick Smith site also says 50% off Dick Smith and Sandisk branded memory cards, which looked good until I checked the original prices on their site. They look at least triple what they should be, so not so great a deal...

      Luke. Who comes up with the photos for these articles, the scribblers who write the article or pro photographers ?

        There's a photo credit at the bottom of each article. They are usually just stock images from a variety of websites, or Flickr


      its like sale on everything (excludes anything you want or that would be a good deal)

      I for one will be ignoring any sales from dick smith and will be very cautious about huge sales from any big stores. My advice, get there by 8am latest or don't bother, and also be clued up as to what u exactly want.

        We were well stocked, this was a planned sale. You wouldn't have missed out if you tried.

      who cares looks like a cheap scam.... such as mark the prices up a few weeks before then mark them down (no loss) reason im saying is becasue i recently bought a set of speakers 1 week later whent up from 29.00 to 49.00 .... i bet ya a million those speakers will be same or near original price

      SCAM SCAM SCAM ..... thats the reason i by my stuff of the internet and save a hell of a lot more than a measly 50 cents

        Dick Smith are about to close like 39 stores in aust, its not a scam, but still when dick smith already had a 50% -80% markup on stuff, dropping 40% still does not mean as cheap as the internet.

          I can't say exactly, but looking at the sales figures when I left yesterday, if there actually was a 50-80% markup (assuming you mean across the store range, rather than to balance the budget after selling main items so close to cost), there is absolutely no way Dick Smith is making that much.

        people like you are clueless guesses that have never worked a retail job (at least with a legitimate buisness) before.

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