New iPhone And iPad Apps: Bad Piggies, Vapp, Camera Awesome And More

New iPhone And iPad Apps: Bad Piggies, Vapp, Camera Awesome And More

It’s time for another grab bag of the best iPhone and iPad apps of the week. Reach inside and you’ll find a photo-taking tool, a couple of games and much more.

Vapp (iPhone): Sometimes you don’t want to press any buttons to take a picture. At those special, shaky hands moments, Vapp will respond to your voice to snap a photo, either instantly or with a three-second delay. Free.

FixYa: No question — it sucks to sit on the phone with tech support. So next time you have a gadget on the fritz, just don’t do it. Instead, turn to FixYa, where you can upload all your questions in video form using your phone’s camera. Over 25 million FixYa users are on-hand ready to answer your questions about your microwave, camera, monitor and other belongings. Free.

Early Detection Plan: October is breast cancer awareness month, and it’s a good excuse to make sure you’re all up to date on your exams. EDP will tell you how to preform one on yourself and remind you when it’s time to schedule one with your doctor. Prevention is the best way to keep yourself healthy! Free.

Who Stole My Pants? : Everything was fine in the life of Winp, a little green blob/androgynous character, until someone stole its pants. Now the character must soldier through different world in order to recover those swiped drawers. No relation to the MTV show “I Just Want My Pants Back.” $0.99.

Bad Piggies: Rovio is back at it, with another instantly popular porcine-themed game. This time you get to take on the role of the green hogs, solving physics puzzles, building vehicles, and driving, flying and crashing on the road to safety in 60 different levels. $0.99.