Art Meets Science At This Giant Seething Flask Sculpture

What looks like a mad scientist's oversized scheme to conquer the Canadian city of Winnipeg is actually a $US500,000 sculpture created by artist Bill Pechet. Standing 11m tall, the Emptyful artpiece towers over the city's Millennium Library Plaza looking like a constantly brewing science experiment thanks to a coloured fountain and misters creating a cloud of fog.

Since Winnipeg is often referred to as 'Winterpeg' by the rest of Canada, the sculpture will only run during the summer months when temperatures manage to climb above the freezing point. But all year round a display of embedded LEDs will illuminate the piece, including warm tones to help battle the frigid temperatures the city is known for.

[LumenPulse via Notcot]

Images: Gabe Daly and Gerry Kopelow/lumenpulse

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