Apple Might Introduce A Better iPad 3 With A Lightning Adapter Next Week

We've seen evidence of a faster iPad 3 using the Apple A6 processor before and now 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple will announce a "refreshed version" of the full sized, 9.7-inch iPad with Retina Display at next week's event. It looks like we might be getting a new updated iPad sooner than we thought.

This is a little confusing because this new iPad won't be considered an iPad 4 but would be an iPad 3 with "improved internals" and the new lightning adaptor. Rumours had pointed towards Apple updating their entire iOS line to include Lightning adapters, so updating the iPad 3 would make sense with that speculation.

9to5Mac has an SKU list showing a bunch of iPads, half of those would be the new new iPad and the other half would be the iPad mini (prices aren't set of course). Though 9to5Mac isn't 100% certain if Apple will upgrade all the internals inside the iPad, there were reports that the updated iPad 3 would be using the A6 processor (the same processor inside the iPhone 5). Nothing is certain yet, of course, but we might see a new new iPad be introduced along with the new iPad mini next week. [9to5Mac]

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