Apple Deleted 2am And 2pm From The Space Time Continuum [Updated]

We've taken a lot of shots at iOS 6. The new App Store is bad for discovery, Passbook is, so far, virtually useless and the Maps are just awful. Here's something, though, that really takes the cake for incredibad in iOS 6: Apple forgot to include 2am and 2pm on its Alarms.

This is so hysterically bad. If you're on iOS 6, check this out right now.

Go to your Clock app and hit the "Alarms" tab, then, try and set a new alarm for 2am or 2pm. What you'll find in the hour ticker is the number "3" twice: there is one where it's supposed to be, and another where the "2" is meant to live.

And it's not like you can go and select the first 3 as a stand-in for 2, either. It boots you off the number as soon as you select it.

I do hope iOS 6.1 is coming soon.

Thanks to Bryson for sending this in. Best of luck getting up tomorrow.

Update: So this is probably a Daylight Savings glitch. I've checked four handsets now and they're all removing 2am and 2pm. If you're going to post in the comments about it working or not working for you, tell us where you hail from so we can confirm. Queenslanders welcome.

Update 2: So commenter Right? points out that if you manually tell the phone that the date is 8 October and not 7 October, you get your 2 back in the alarms tab. Setting the time back, however sees the issue persist. If you really need to wake up at 2am tomorrow, either tell you're phone that it's October 8 before setting the alarm or set it for 1:59am. Or just sleep in.



    mine has both 2am and 2pm

      I'm wondering if it's a Daylight Savings Time related issue. I'm going to put money on you being in QLD, NT or WA as they don't have DST...

    iOS 6 is the Windows ME for Apple.

      And you're the Windows ME of commenters.

        Still running windows phone 6. FTW!

        And you sir can't handle some salt being thrown your way.

      agree with pauly7 +1

    I didn't think people used anything other than 24hr time lol,

      I hope thats a troll.

      There's a whole wonderful world of people to meet then in that case :P

      That's weird, I didn't think anyone used 24 hour time. I thought only people in the army thought that 24 hour time was a good idea.

        Any business that runs 24/7 or even ones that just open longer than 12hrs usually run in 24hr time to avoid mixups and errors. It is pretty much a given that if you are a shift worker you will be on 24hr time.

    This was only because of daylight savings this morning!

      Of course you know that. You just wanted to tell everyone ou use 24hr time.

    My iPhone5 has 2am and 2pm in the alarm section......

    Change the date to tomorrow and you will notice it will disappear. It only appears today as there was no 2am due to daylight savings. A bit of a mistake to not have a 2pm but I don't think that would be possible in 12 hour time. Setting the time to 24 hour would let you set a 2am alarm. Or you could just set it for 1:59...
    So not hysterically bad, just something that is there due to daylight savings...

      You are quite correct. It is due to daylight savings and makes sense in that context. I am in a daylight savings state. 2 o'clock will return tomorrow.

      Yeh so it's a DST issue, as suspected.

      There was no 2am. The clock went from 1:59 to 3:00am. This is acceptable.

      The bug exists in the fact that you can't select 2pm.

        That's exactly right. It would be a bug if Apple had allowed you to set an alarm for 2am because 2am will never happen. I could set an alarm on my iPhone 5 running iOS 6 no problem. Maybe the 2PM is only on 4 or 4S or something.

    Isn't that just because of daylight saving on the east side of Aus?

      Thats South east thanks. Us Queenslanders are smart enough that changing the time on a clock doesnt fool us into thinking there is 25 hours in a day.

    I've got 2am and pm.

      I'm in QLD

    I think this might be a one time glitch, because i have looked at 15 different Iphone's all running IOS6 and none of them have this problem.

    I call fake.

      I'm in Victoria and I have exactly this problem! Quite funny really. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

      It's not fake. I have this problem.

    No 2am or 2pm I'm in nsw

    If you want to set an alarm for 2am or 2pm, just ask siri to do it. When you go to the alarm screen you will see that it says 2am/pm.

    While I hate Apple and enjoy an Apple bashing story as much as the next Apple hater, this is not a glitch. This is simply for transition to daylight savings. Clocks go forward an hour at 2am, so that hour technically doesn't exist for that one night. The clocks basically go from 1:59am -> 3am.

    Having said that, that doesn't explain why 2 *pm* is also missing.

    No glitch in Western Australia. 2am & 2pm are there.

      Yep, but year in W.A. is stuck on 1980 for some reason...........

    Apple iOS6 software "iPathetic"

    Wouldn't normal practice usually be: Notice Phenomenon ----> research------> report?
    Not Report 'This is so hysterically bad.' ----->research ------>edit?

      For anyone but Luke Hopewell you would be correct. He doesn't care. Were lucky we even got an edit this time.

    It's missing for me on iOS 6 iPhone 4, and my gfs 4S

    Gizmodo: If you had done your research rather then jumping to conclusions, you would have realized the fail was in fact due to day light savings.

      Which we mentioned in our update posted minutes after the story went live. Do your own research next time, Nathan.

        lol Luke, don't get angry because you are a bad journalist.

          Luke's not angry because he's a bad journalist. Luke is angry because he is a blogger (not a journalist) who got caught posting incorrect information.

        And why is it an iOS glitch when the glitch is with the way DST operates. So a normal function is a glitch in your directory?

        It's funny how Apple fanbois jump to the defensive. *Thumbs up to them*

    I call apple bashing on this one, obviously it's there for daylight savings time change but according to gizmodo it warrants a big story. -1 credibility to Luke Hopewell and Gizmodo, a little bit of research next time boys.

    siri can set the Alarm for 2:30 am or pm but when clicked on to edit it, it shows 3:30am.. have to see if it works or not.. but i really dont wanna try 2-3am lol ,will update tomorrow

    Last edited 07/10/12 7:15 pm

    Come on Luke this is clearly a daylight savings issue.. nothing more nothing less..just change the date for tomorrow and the issue goes away...if anything is shows that Apple does have smarts and thought about this when designing the alarm app.

    nothing to see here except a little Apple bashing sensationalism that isn't necessary..

      What? If it was Windows or Android, no-one would excuse such a bad software stuff-up but because it's Apple you just change the date and it's nobody's fault? It is not the first time iOS has had trouble with daylight saving time and I don't think it is unreasonable to expect them to have fixed it long before now. OK, it is a small thing on it's own but in the context of all the other issues in iOS 6 and the fact that it is not the firs time there have been problems in this area, it does gain significance.

        I agree MotorMouth.

        People seem to be willing to be content with substandard software on a substandard platform but for the fashionista and what I like to call 'those with low IQ's...' the phone is perfect!

        Sure there are some that prefer a simple phone but if my grandma can use an iPhone 3GS that just shows you how 'dumbed' down the phone really is.

        Let's not put more than one button, it might confuse everyone!

    The behaviour is correct. Technically 2am to 3am did not exist last night in VIC, NSW, SA, ACT and Tas, so it would not have been logical to allow you to set an alarm any time between 2 and 3 am. I actually think it is was quite a clever way of showing that the OS was aware of the changeover to Summer time. I cannot see how you can view this as bad.

    Should also point out that I have found PassBook to be brilliant. Used it several times in the last week for various flights with Virgin. It worked flawlessly. I also have no issues with maps. Every time I have used it it has shown correct and useful data and the times I have tried out directions the routes proposed are the the most efficient way.

    It is really frustrating reading all these people going on about how bad iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 is when I have not experienced any of it (my phone is not scuffed after two weeks without a case, my battery still has 40% charge after 36 hours with normal use, Passbook works and maps is fine). Maybe I am just lucky, or maybe the majority of the people who don't have any issues cannot be bothered responding to the vocal minority of complainers.

      I agree with you about apple maps. I have had no problem with it. Directions are fine. It even seems to run smoother than google maps.

      Every time I see an article about how bad apple maps is, it's always in satellite view. Personally, I never use satellite view for getting directions. It's a novelty I use only for looking at overseas tourist locations, or checking up on old haunts to see how they've changed over the years.

      The normal (street directory) view is much better when trying to work out which street to turn down in strange territory than satellite view.

      I'm sorry but removing 2pm is in no way correct. It is at best a failed attempt at "a clever way of showing that the OS was aware of the changeover to Summer time". Realistically, it was yet another indication that Apple are no better than anyone else and that you are paying a premium for a myth. If you are going to try and be clever, you really need to make sure you get it right. Apple did not get it right here.

      but in seriousness though, Apple standard QC on the release of iOS 6 is really bad.

      Lucky I am still on iOS 5.1, I think noone put pressure anymore to their testing team since Steve Jobs passed away. Now this looks like the testing team is slacking off. and Just release whatever.

        Um. You're not even on iOS 6 so how can you observe it's buggy? Lol. I'm running it, it's fine. Jump in, the water is fine.

    I just tried to set a 02 30 am alarm on my new iphone 5 from Vodafone store.
    There is no 2 am at all. I am so angry, now I have to find another alarm clock. Apple is irresponsible for not identifying and fixing this quickly.


    This whole blog post is best summed up by the phrase 'first world problems'.

    who would need an alarm at 2am or 2pm? Apple did the right thing thing here...

      I got up at 0215 this morning, for work at 0300 and I rely 100% on my phone to wake me at the right time. Yesterday I didn't have to start until 0400 and my alarms were preset months ago, so I don't know how WinPhone handled it but I got up OK on both days.

        Miraculous. You are the only person who woke up at 0230 because for all the rest of people in the south east of Australia where there is DST their clock goes from 1:59 to 3:00. I am sure your PC would have skipped the 0200 as well however MM you are smart you wake up at 0230 and be ready for work at 0300!!

          Maybe you should look at the dates of his post before you comment eh? Today being Monday the 8th there is a 2am...then again you are in apple land so who knows where you are..

            the whole article was about the sunday morning 0200 hrs. Mebbe you need to read the article. iOS hasnt deleted 2am/pm altogether. I am sure you havnt got an iPhone. MotorMouth hasnt. He hasnt even seen one.

              Umm...What? The article is about how 2am / 2pm where not select-able for alarms and sent things a bit screwy...not just 2am as you seem to think?...What i got from reading Motormouths post was that his phone worked TODAY as well as Yesterday....Something my girlfriends iphone did not do. She had an alarm set for the morning that did not go off nor was she able to set an alarm for 2.30pm in the afternoon thanks to this amazing "feature"

              I know you are a fanboy according to your name but having an issue like that is quite a big deal when similar things happen twice every year.

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