A Magnetic Ball Joint Lets You Precisely Target This Lamp's Glow

Challenging the iconic Luxo lamp when it comes to flexibility, Michel Charlot's U-Turn light trades the complicated springs for a brilliantly simply magnetic ball joint. So you can use it as an adjustable desk lamp when working, or flip it over and illuminate an entire room in a spotlight configuration. It's the lamp of a thousand uses (minus about 995).

A series of golf ball-like dimples on the back of the U-Turn make it easy to position the lamp when using it as a spot light. And the use of LED bulbs ensures it will sip power. If you don't mind carrying it around you can even use it as a flashlight when they hit the market sometime this fall. Except that as a design piece it will most likely be outrageously expensive. [Belux via MoCo Loco]

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