19 Gadgets With Happy And Sad Faces

We like to anthropomorphise the objects in our lives, assigning our tools and tech personalities of their own. But some just go ahead and do it for you. The gadgets you are about to see wear their hearts on their sleeves.

HAPPY: That wide-eyed innocence. "Everybody is going to want me," thinks the Sony HDR-TD10e 3D camcorder. "I'm going to change the world." Photo: Sony

SAD: This morning, this moped's wife left him for a Vespa. He's not sure he has the will go on. Photo: phatcontroller

HAPPY: Look at that soul-patch. Look at those slits for eyes. This coffeemaker is high as hell. Photo: plindberg

SAD: The blank stare of resignation. The mascara made of ashes. The world's saddest cigarette butt depository, St John Street, Clerkenwell, England. Photo: thompsonsimon

SAD: What horrors have you seen, smoke detector? Photo: thentoff

HAPPY: Hello, little windshield-wiper fluid dispenser! Aren't you just the cutest thing? Photo: - luz -

SAD: Shock, as the newsbox realises its face is made of poop. Photo: primatage

HAPPY: That carefree, off-centre grin. This is the Dennis Quaid of alarm clocks. Photo: Witthaya/Stockfresh

SAD: For every happy alarm clock, there is another that has known untellable sorrow. Photo: shwe

SAD: Now is the bathtub of our discontent... Photo: Edgar Sousa

HAPPY: Are you winking at me, you saucy little key tension adjustment knob on a Remington typewriter? Behave... Photo: mpclemens

SAD: Are you sick, little lock? Say, "Ahh!" Photo: phatcontroller

HAPPY: USB man thinks he's so fresh with his flattop. Photo: thentoff

SAD: "Who will play with me now?" asked the tape, alone, from the floorboard of a 1987 Buick LeSabre. Photo: phatcontroller

HAPPY: Sony Ericsson camera phone is clearly manic depressive. Here you see a very high high before it spirals once again into darkness. Photo: slideshow bob

SAD: You'd be frowning too if you were a Samsung watch-phone nobody bought. Photo: Laura Rauch/AP

HAPPY: Gets tremendous satisfaction from weighing things. Photo: joakim

SAD: Doorbell/letterbox has the disposition (and eyebrows) of Bert from Sesame Street. Photo: resiak

SAD: "I can perk up everyone, except myself," laments the espresso machine. Photo: Attila Nagy

Image curation by Attila Nagy

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