12 Creative Pieces Of Furniture Made From Random Things

Furniture is like Facebook. Or something. But it can also be like other things — like anything you want it to be, actually. Here are some pieces of furniture made from just about anything.

Chairs made from old pipes in renovated buildings. They've been washed... probably. Photo: Piet Hein Eek

A chair made out of a suitcase, but it's really a metaphor for America. Photo: Recreate

Turn a typewriter into a lamp because you're a terrible person. Photo: Recreate

Business cards made into a lampshade. Suck it, Paul Allen. Photo: Last Light/Facebook

Music Box Chair: For when you need music in your butt. Photo: Tristan Roland

With a coffee filter lamp, you won't get mind the stains when you leave your coffee mug on the lampshade for too long. Photo: Lampada

Which will most likely find its way into the Final Destination 9 script. Photo: Willem Heeffer

Pretty sure these were from an episode of Home Improvement. Photo: Ronen Tinman/Facebook

Probably don't want to sit on these while naked. Photo: Pawel Grunert

And wait until you see the refrigerator made out of a coffee table. Photo: Arjun Rathi

Building your office out of wooden shipping pallets probably seems more clever until your office is made out of wooden shipping pallets. Photo: Most Architecture

If we can make venetian blinds into a usable chair, why can't I get them to all face the same way for more than a day and a half? Photo: Tenenbaum Hazan Industrial Design/Facebook

Image curation by Attila Nagy

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