You Don't Need An Engineering Degree To Transform This Sofa Bed

Your typical pull-out sofabed is a marvel of modern engineering. But with all those interconnected parts and a mattress that's designed to fold away, they're not exactly the epitome of comfort. At least not compared to Guido Rosati's brilliantly simple Scoop sofa bed, which simply opens and closes like a giant pair of scissors.

Its one caveat is that you'll need a living room or spare guest room that's large enough to handle a couple of sofas when it's opened up. And that guests will be sleeping on the same cushions that people sit on, meaning the likelihood of chip crumbs in their bed is relatively high. But the two sections do lock in place when pushed together, so there's no risk of the Scoop splitting apart and guests disappearing into a bedroom black hole in the middle of the night. [Saba Italia via Doornob]

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