You Can Now Use Facebook To Buy Real Birthday Gifts For Your Friends

If it wasn't for Facebook, you'd probably forget all of your friend's birthdays. Now, instead of just leaving them a nice salutation on their walls, you'll be able to send them a real-life gift to their front door.

When there's a special event like a birthday, Facebook will offer — in the birthday box next to the news feed — the option to purchase a gift. You don't even need to know where to send the gift — Facebook will gather address information from your friend later. Sending flowers to your great aunt has never been easier!

And from what we can tell, the gifts look like the types of gifts you'd send to someone you don't know very well: teddy bears, cup cakes, and other hospital gift shop fare. You should expect to see promotional items from Facebook partners down the road.

I'll give you three guesses who gets it first, but you'll only need one: the US. Facebook says it'll roll-out "gradually" with the US getting it first. Something tells me we'll be waiting a while for this. [Facebook]

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