You Can Now Slap A Quarter Terabyte Of Storage In Your Camera

It took a few months longer than its 256 GB compact flash card, but Lexar has finally announced a matching 256GB SDXC card that makes it oh-so-easy to lose or misplace a quarter terabyte of photographs. To put that in perspective, if you were shooting full resolution, full quality JPGs with the Sony RX100, you'd be able to snap just under 80,000 shots before needing to swap out your card.

The Professional 400x 256GB SDXC UHS-I is a Class 10 card that boasts a guaranteed sustained transfer speed -- at least when reading data -- of 60MB per second. Just make sure you're using it with a card reader that can keep up. And, not surprisingly, when it's available next month Lexar expects you to cough up $US900 for the privilege of rarely having to delete photos off your camera. [Lexar via PetaPixel]


    ok, I think it's now time that they turned their attention to some batteries that can run for 80,000 shots. ;)

    Imagine going through your photos on that card... Screw that!

    That's bigger than my laptop's hard drive... O_O

    and then your data corrupts and the world ends.

    I could store my whole iPhoto library on that, wouldn't need to import just move lol.

    u know I wonder how this would work as a boot drive for a laptop

    My guess is that no-one will be storing 80,000 photos on this. It'll be used for video footage.

    Sooooo, can I start booting my PC off my SD card? my whole system, on an SD card... *drools*

    Time for apple to develop a new iPod classic...

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